Wednesday, April 06, 2011


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Now that Congressman Trent Franks has decided not to run for the U.S. Senate,  what are the Wackos, led by MCRC chairman ROB HANEY going to do now?  (Besides cry like a bunch of pussies)....

The 'New Times' said this yesterday about Haney:
Franks was Haney's boy -- Haney even sent an e-mail to Maricopa County GOPers asking them to beg Franks to challenge Flake in the GOP primary. He also is actively campaigning against Flake's candidacy, as you can see on a Haney-run Conservative website linked here.

Haney deployed similar tactics against Senator John McCain in 2008 because he wasn't a fan of "The Maverick's" position on amnesty for illegal immigrants.
We have a suggestion.    Why doesn't Rob Haney run for Senate himself?  It's time for the "Wanna Be King Of Maricopa County" to put up or shut up!

Rob Haney has made a 'career' out of blasting politicians like Sen. McCain and now Congressman Flake.

Haney is the one who gave us Tommy "5-Wives" Morrissey & Mark "Pantsless" Spinks, who now run the AZ GOP!  

Come on Rob, put your name in the hat!  Make our day!

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Anonymous said...

I don't think that Franks is aware of the Haney/Morrissey/Spinks problems. Let's hope he does not get caught up in the coming scandals that will be connected to them.

Unfortunately, it is Franks responsibility to get aware - and the sooner, the better. Being "above the fray" is fine, but being naive can be just as bad as being complicit when you find yourself in the middle of a giant mess.

He should have gotten a clue when he was tricked into going to the Spinks sponsored fake Lincoln Day dinner that turned into the Reagan Dinner.