Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Ahwatukee Tea Party Imploding?

What is it with these Tea Party groups? They always seem to be mired in some type of power struggle. People are always quitting and starting their own splinter groups. There's no shortage of groups like "The Original Founding Tea Party of the East Valley except Mesa," not to be confused with the "Greater North Tea Party Patriot Original Mesa Valley Group".

It's almost like having a bunch of organizations that all share similar names but have no defined organizational structure or common purpose is a bad idea. Who knew?

(I remember talking to a Tea Partier one time who explained that "traditional leadership roles" were not a part of the Tea Party way, so their group had no elected leadership. Everyone just did what they wanted, in, like, a totally organic way and stuff. Believe it or not, that was before the Medical Marijuana ballot measure passed.)

The latest Tea Party to be imploding seems to be in Ahwatukee. A reader forwarded this email:
From: []
Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2011 3:39 PM
Subject: :::UPDATE::: From The Ahwatukee TEA Party

Dear Ahwatukee Tea Party Members,

Effective March 25th, 2011,
is the new official voice of The Ahwatukee TEA Party.

[The former site “TUKEETEAPARTY.COM”, no longer reflects our mission and goals.]


Our phone number is 480-719-1540.

Members, from this date forward as email subscribers, you will only be receiving emails from the following three addresses:


On another note… on March 19, 2011, an e-mail was sent without our approval.

The Ahwatukee TEA Party hereby disavows the forwarded message contained in that email.


Please make it a practice to visit our site once a week for updates. We welcome your input.

Please send your comments to:


We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting on
Wednesday, April 20th from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

Our Featured Speakers will be:

Congressman David Schweikert
Councilman Sal Di Ciccio

See you on the 20th!
The email that was "sent without their approval" which they now (several weeks later) "disavow" is the same one I wrote about here.

I guess cooler heads are prevailing? Or do they disavow the message because it wasn't bat-shit crazy enough? It's unclear.

And who sent the offending message? Who was represented (or not) by the crazy email that was forwarded without "our approval"?

And who are "you" anyway? Why don't these things come signed? Who, exactly, is represented by an email from Who complained about the content of the offending forwarded message that led to the disavowal?

It's all so confusing.

The "old" Ahwatukee Tea Party website was put together by Jeni "Tea Party" White, a founding member of the ATP, now the captain of the sinking ship that is District 20 (home to Pantsless Mark Spinks and Tom "Tommy 5 Wives" Morrissey). Can we assume that Ms. White is not involved in this latest iteration of The Original West Ahwatukee Tea Party Patriot Group? If not, why not?

Did the Tea Partiers in Ahwatukee realize that Jeni White, Mark Spinks and Tom Morrissey are not their friends after all?

Either way, it's great to see Sal DiCiccio and David Schweikert embracing the lunacy. I wonder if they even know who they are meeting with?

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