Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Numerous sources have confirmed that BRETT MECUM has been fired by the Arizona Republican Party as their Executive Director!

Mecum, who has had a number of ethical & judicial issues during his term, finally has been let go. 

We here at PM have documented the entire run of this 'sleazy scum bag' (See HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE,

How did he keep this job as long as he did?  No one seems to have the answer to that question.  Imagine if any of us had done the things that Mr. Mecum had done, what would they have done?

It's about time that Brett Mecum 'pay the price' for his lack of ethics!

More on this story as it develops......


Anonymous said...

Cool. AZ GOP CHAIR (little, very old man past his prime) fired Brett with agreement that doing so enabled him to file unemployment on the same day that ‘he’… AZ GOP CHAIR THOMAS P MORRISSEY moved for court delay in Polk County, NC foreclosure action against him. Seems ‘less government and personal responsibility’ only applies to others… MR AZ GOP, alongside of wife #5, are now embroiled in the 3rd foreclosure against them in less than 2 years…. Go figure why AZ GOP is embroiled in controversy and debt. Beyond laughable!!! Recall TOM MORRISSEY and do a favor to AZ GOP. More is yet to come. You people need to do your homework.

Tony GOPrano said...


Do you have the proof of what you are saying? If so, e-mail it to tonygoprano@aol.com and we will do an article about it.

We have been the ONLY blog to investigate this issue to this point!