Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Yesterday, the e-mails and phone calls were rolling in over
the Phoenix Business Journal's FORTY UNDER 40 list of nomineees for 2011!

None other than our old 'pal' Brett Mathew Mecum, ethically challenged Executive  Director for the AZ GOP!

Readers who contacted us wanted to know why the PBJ would add Mr. Mecum to the list?  So we asked our contact over at PBJ and they said they were 'looking into it'.

Thanks to our fantastic researcher 'IRON FIST', we saw a Twitter post that announced the nominees:

Did Brett Matthew Mecum nominate himself for this award?  I don't know ANYBODY else who would do that.  Based on the e-mails & phone calls we had on this, folks are shocked that someone like Mecum would be included on a list like that.

What's with the 3 names Brett?  I think he is trying to 'fix' his little image problem - Do A GOOGLE SEARCH on Brett Mecum you will see what I mean.

Last Saturday, we received this from one of our insiders:

Mecum was suppose to have been fired along with Spinks. In a conversation with "deepthroat" I'm told Mecum will keep his job for an undetermined amount of time because he has so much damaging information on a number of folks. Kinda like J.Edgar Hoover had on certain politicians. That position can backfire real quick.

Why would Brett Matthew Mecum keep his job after everything he has been involved with?

Brett Matthew Mecum knows where all the skeletons are buried, that is why!  This is becoming a 'circus' involving Mecum.  It's time to send him packing and get on with business!

One of our readers sent us an e-mail that Mr. Mecum's Traffic Case has been re-opened:



Anonymous said...

Tony - Looks like he's trying to re invent himself! 40 under 40 hahaha! What kind of group would honor him? He's a joke of a human being.

TheOnlyTrueConservative said...

Let's take a look at the criteria for this award and see how Brett measures up...

Leadership skills: Well, Brett was a leader of the GOP under both Pullen and now Morrissey and has done a fine job of leading the Party off the edge of a cliff. Check.

Enthusiasm: If driving 109 isn't a sign of enthusiasm, I don't know what is. Check.

Community involvement: Does court ordered community service count? Why not? Check.

Creativity: Anyone who has seen the AZGOP books knows that took some creative accounting. Check.

Dedication: Woman won't give you her address? Look it up in voter vault! That's dedication. Check.

Charisma: He got that fake BJ while wearing a Cap'n America costume somehow. It was either charisma or alcohol. I choose charisma. Check.

Courage: It does take courage (or stupidity) to offer endorsements for money. Check.

He's a shoe-in!

Tony GOPrano said...

Thanks to one of our readers, we just found out that BMM's COURT CASE has been re-opened.

Maybe there really is justice in this world. Imagine of YOU drove down the 101 @ 109 MPH? What would have happened?

Anonymous said...

Evidently- Brett has been self nominating himself all over town.