Friday, May 06, 2011

Brett Mecum Throws Randy Pullen Under the Bus

Brett Mecum was quoted in the Yellow Sheet Report again the other day.  This time he wasn't pontificating on which Republicans matter.  Instead he threw Randy Pullen under the bus.

From a story about the AZGOP's crushing debt:

But AZ GOP Executive Director Brett Mecum told our reporter most of that debt is for work the party had done under Pullen’s leadership. “A lot of that is balances from the previous election,” he said. Mecum also said some of the debt was incorrectly reported on the federal account and will be transferred to the state account, and that some of the debts – including the cell phone bill – are being disputed with the vendors. “It’s regular things that any business entity in the world incurs,” he said, adding that the only difference in this case is that the party has to make its finances public. 
To summarize:
Note also the last line of the story, where we see that Tom Morrissey has been teaching his avoidance-as-press-management strategy to his team:
1.  It's Randy Pullen's fault

2.  We're incompetent and we screwed up the reporting so don't hold us to the numbers.  (We screw up the reporting a lot.)

3. We plan on playing some shell games to hide the debt, we just haven't gotten around to it yet.

4.  We don't plan on paying some of our vendors anyway, so it's not really fair to count that as debt.

5.  Everyone else has debt too, or something.

Mecum referred our reporter to party Treasurer Timothy Lee, who could not be reached.
If I were the AZGOP Treasurer, I think I'd be in hiding too.

I'd also like to point out that Brett Mecum served as Executive Director both under Morrissey and Pullen.

I'm not sure what an executive director does, but apparently the job doesn't involve filing reports correctly or spending only what you take in or paying vendors or taking accountability or being responsive to the people who pay your salary.  Sounds like a pretty sweet gig, when you put it that way.

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Tony GOPrano said...

Word on the street has it that 'Captain America Mecum' is making calls to people trying to throw Morrissey under the bus and is wondering if Morrissey is recalled, will he keep his job?

Worried now Brett? LMAO!