Thursday, May 05, 2011

FEC Trouble for the AZGOP?

Within the last few days, the Arizona Republican Party has received two letters from the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) related to issues or irregularities in the Party's financial reports.

Expect the Party's official response to either be silence, or some cut-and-paste statement about how this really isn't a big deal and how you shouldn't be concerning yourself with these silly accounting issues.  Also, any Republican who questions the Party officially does not matter.

Did I mention that this is all John McCain's fault, and any efforts to call attention to the matter is a RINO plot?

You can read the documents yourself, add it to the news from yesterday about the ballooning debt, and then decide whether this is another RINO plot by Republicans that don't matter, or perhaps an indication that all is not well at AZGOP HQ.

Personally, I wonder if these letters are related to the $20,000 in debt that was racked up for legal fees last month.  But that's just speculation.  I'm sure Tom Morrissey will make it all clear soon enough.  He believes in transparency, you know.

Letter 1:

Letter 2:


Barbara Espinosa said...

I ask you, How did True Conservative get letters from AZ GOP? Who is on the insdie feeding the information?

Tony GOPrano said...

Sorry to disappoint you Barbara but we got that information the old fashioned way. We found it.

We are lucky to have one of the BEST Internet researchers on Team PM.

BTW, still waiting for you to show us that the #'s posted yeterday were wrong.

We still love ya Barbara!

Anonymous said...

The insiders name is "Deep Throat"

Horst said...

A few years back I ran for this Treasurers job at the State GOP. Back then the "Party Loyal's" [for want of a more fitting word] roamed the halls and told everyone: "Don't vote for Horst ya know he owns a Nudist Ranch"
Now after I've read them letters, I am grateful that I didn't get that job.
On second thought though, if I had gotten the job there wouldn't be THEM letters.
Disclaimer: I am not the deep throat I am just me.

Tony GOPrano said...

Horst you are correct! The State Committeeman really blew it when they didn't elect you. This idiot they elected admitted in the SCA SCANDALthat he really didn't know what was going on.

Hypocrites like Rob Haney, who think they are holier than thou, are the ones behind the current leadership in the AZ GOP.

Funny, since we posted that Haney is the person behind the 'Fake Newspaper American-Post Gazette' we haven't seen anything from them.

What's wrong Rob? A cat got your tongue?

Anonymous said...

Are you complaining about the FEC reports, the person who released them or the method they were collected-aquired?