Monday, May 02, 2011


For months now, everyone has been asking the question, Who runs the American-Post Gazette?   Well folks, we have the answer to this question.

ROB HANEY, the Grand Pooba of the Maricopa County Republican Party is the one behind this scandal rag.  How do we know this? 

Last Friday, Haney's website, posted an article about me.  Haney is the owner of TruGOP, here is the WHOIS Search on that site: 

Click on the picture above to see larger

Of course what Haney posted is NOT true, we answered this back on Friday,

"The Usual Suspects Get Their Facts Wrong, as Usual (or Response the Tom Morrissey Recall Effort)"

Minutes later, Haney had his Blog, 'Seeing Red Arizona' which is run by CAROL TUROFF, post the same story.  Turoff, who uses the pseudonym "Vincit Veritas" to post her nasty, hate filled venum on the blogs, has back stabbed most of her former friends in AZ politics.

Minutes later, the story shows up on the 'Fake Newspaper' American-Post Gazette.  All a coincidence?  NO its not.

We sent an e-mail to Shane Wikfors, the owner of the blog Sonoron Alliance, to ask him to post the 'proof' of the story posted.  (We are still waiting for the 'proof')  This was part of his response:

"The APG posts are written by anonymous individuals who have not been revealed to me. I have asked them to create their own blog but apparently, SA has unique search engine exposure. I will email whoever it is again and ask them do set up their own blog."

So Mr. Wikfors e-mailed them and this showed up yesterday on a picture that Rob Haney's posted:

More Breaking News 4/30 1:00pm At least one blog site has been contacted personally by Mr. Vath

I think you just got busted Mr. Haney! 

Rob Haney is the elected leader of the MCRC.  His constant bashing of AZ Republican Elected Officials is well known.  This guy spent the entire year of 2008 going to anyone who would listen to him like the liberal Huffington Post  and to spread lies about the Republican nominee John McCain!

Now he uses his 'fake newspaper' to spread lies about his enemies.  Here is the difference:  I am NOT an elected official, Rob Haney IS!  Is this how your elected leadership should act?  I have one word for Mr. Haney. 

Thanks to Mr. Haney and his article, in about 1 hour, you are going to see our response!


Nordine Crub said...

I knew something smelled fishy. I should have known Haney was behind this! Nordine Crub

Tony GOPrano said...

Nordine we have known this for a long time. Even know someone who posts Haney's Nonsense on the Moron Alliance.

Now we have the proof that Rob Hnaey is the one behind that fake newspaper.

Funny, one official in the AZ GOP is running around telling everyone that he has my IP Address as the one who sent the original Recall e-mail.

Will be doing a story on this soon....what a bunch of hypocrites!