Friday, April 29, 2011

The Usual Suspects Get Their Facts Wrong, as Usual (or Response the Tom Morrissey Recall Effort)

In an extreme case of the pot calling the kettle black, the anonymous bloggers at Seeing Red, TruGOP and Sonoran Alliance are up in arms over an anonymous email that was sent to Tom Morrissey seeking his resignation this week.

The super sleuths did their super sleuthing and figured out who sent the email- Jeff Vath, the proprietor of this fine website.

The problem is, that's not true.

I know that because the email was written and sent by me, TheOnlyTrueConservative.  Mr. Vath had no involvement in the project, didn't write the email and didn't have any say in the content of the website that the email refers to.  The only connection between Mr. Vath and this recall effort is that I blog on this site, and I created the other site.

But let's not let facts get in the way of a good anonymous smearing, right?

I'll go ahead and give you some facts anyway, in case you're the kind of person that cares about those types of things.

The email that started this, which I suspect you'll see a copy of on Monday, told Tom Morrissey about an effort I have started to attempt to recall him, and included a link to the website for that effort.  I told Tom that I'd rather keep this quiet and not have to go public, so I gave him the weekend to consider resigning, for the good of the party.  If he chose not to resign, the site would launch on Monday, the anniversary of his 100 days in office.  As I mentioned before, I wrote the email.  I built the website.  Nobody else.

(Since it's not Monday yet, I'm not linking to the website in this piece.  You see, I like to keep my word.)

I blog anonymously.  So do many other people, such as the bloggers at Seeing Red, TruGOP, and some of the Sonoran Alliance bloggers, most notably the fake founding fathers from Michigan.

Some people have told me that by not revealing my "true identity" the recall effort looks less serious.  They are entitled to their opinion.  I respectfully disagree.  I think it keeps the effort focused on Tom Morrissey, his  bad judgement, and his (lack of) qualifications to do the job he was elected to do, instead of me.  If people choose to focus on the messenger instead of the message, then that's their problem.

Besides, I know that there are several independent efforts underway to Recall Mr. Morrissey, so if you don't like me or my tactics, feel free to find one of them instead.

You can feel free to disagree with this website, or the humor that we use here to make our points.  But the bottom line is that everything we print is true to the best of our knowledge.

For instance, Tom Morrissey, Chairman of the Republican Party in Arizona, has been married 5 times.  I know this because I've seen emails from his fourth ex-wife, and he's married again.  4 + 1 = 5.

Mark Spinks, a paid consultant for the Republican Party of Arizona, is a criminal sex offender.  I know this because I've seen court records that say so.  He is unrepentant about his criminal past.  I know that because he told the Arizona Republic that his nakedness was "far less harmful than drunken college bar fights for which he was never charged."

Brett Mecum, Executive Director for the Arizona Republican Party allegedly tried to sell an endorsement for $2,000.  I know this because it was mentioned in an investigative report.

If you can find an example of something that is not true in any article that I have written, I would hope that you would email me ( so I could correct the record.

I doubt you'll get the same offer from the anonymous bloggers over at Seeing Red, TruGOP or the fake founding fathers who post at Sonoran Alliance.  And I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for them to retract or correct their stories smearing Mr. Vath.

Stay tuned for Monday, when the effort to recall Tom Morrissey officially launches.


Tony GOPrano said...

Thanks for clairfying this issue TOTC! Our attorney's have advised us to sue the authors of the slanderous posts you mentioned.

Barbara Espinosa said...

At everyone who is blaming Jeff Vath I know for a fact the hit piece was not done by Jeff Vath it was posted on his web site.. I sent out a message and asked the person to call me.. They did.. The only True Conservative did the post.. IT IS NOT JEFF VATH..

My goal was to get him/her to sign the piece.. Refused based on the number of people who are posting under pseudonums..doing hit pieces on various people..

You have my permission to print or forward this e-mail to all of your cronies who want everyone else to be transparent except them.

All of you are guilty of posting without having the gumption to put your name on your post. Everyone of you should come out of the closet. You have castigated someone from doing exactly what everyone of you who post under a pseudonym is doing.

“If you wouldn’t write and sign it, don’t say it”. Earl Wilson

The e-mail posted on Common Sense and TruGOP is The most pornographic scurrilous attack on A republican that I have seen.

You want people to register to join this party when you do things like this anonymously. Plus if they don’t agree a 100% the name calling starts. Let alone become a PC or get involved.

Any of you would pass that e-mail around should hang your head in shame that you would have anything to do with passing it on.

And if the accusations that Rob Haney the Maricopa Coutry Chairman is any one of those posting attacks on Republicans anonymously he should be removed from that position. A Republican who doesn’t matter according to Mark Spinks and Brett Mecum and not afraid to sign my name.

Tony GOPrano said...

Thank you Barbara for your kind words. We have YET to publish the Recall but after all the 'hubbub' today, we WILL post on Monday!