Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The AZGOP: Pantsless Mark Spinks' Personal Cash Cow

The other day, while taking a look at Mark Spinks' extensive experience with the court system, I reminded AZ GOP donors that their donations pay the salary of sex offender and AZ GOP staffer Mark Spinks.

It wasn't until today that I realized how much of your cash the guy is actually pulling in. From the latest FEC report:

Payments to Mark SPINKS:

3/01/2011 $1000.00 for "PARTY CONSULTING"
3/04/2011 $ 372.22 for reimbursement of office supplies under $200
3/08/2011 $1000.00 for "PARTY CONSULTING"
3/22/2011 $ 200.59 for reimbursement of office supplies under $200
3/29/2011 $1000.00 for "PARTY CONSULTING"

Payments to Teresa MARTINEZ:

3/01/2011 $1000.00 for "PARTY CONSULTING"
3/08/2011 $1000.00 for "PARTY CONSULTING"
3/22/2011 $ 78.47 for reimbursement for "meeting" under $200
3/29/2011 $1000.00 for "PARTY CONSULTING"
3/29/2011 $ 25.00 for reimbursement for "meeting" under $200

How does one go about getting one of these lucrative "Party Consulting" gigs? Did I miss the job posting online? Or was my application rejected when I checked "no" under "Have You Ever Been Convicted of a Crime?"

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Captain America said...

The AZGOP is also still paying Brett Mecum $4453.84/mth. For what? Sexually harassing women, stalking them, offering bribes for Sheriff Arpaio's endorsement, and criminally speeding at 109 mph? The AZGOP is a joke. They all need to go. What a disgrace.