Monday, April 25, 2011

Tom Morrissey's Right Hand Man Pantsless Mark Spinks Headed Back to Court

Another day another trip to court for AZ GOP Chairman Tom Morrissey's right hand man / AZ GOP "Transition Team Chief" / AZ GOP shadow Executive Director Pantsless Mark Spinks.

This time, his former landlord is the plaintiff.  I'm guessing it has something to do with Mark's most recent failed business, and the notice that was posted in the window a few weeks ago.

A funny thing happened when I popped over to the Maricopa County Justice Court website to do some additional research on the tip I received on this... I noticed Mark's extensive experience with the Justice System in Arizona.

There are 9 cases in the Justice Courts which list a Mark Spinks as the defendant.  The AZ Supreme Court website shows another 6.  (You'll have to go here and search on the name, I can't link to the results page.)

But I mean, hey, who hasn't been a defendant in a dozen or so court cases?  Am I right?

Just a reminder to all you AZ GOP donors out there- your donations pay this guy's salary.

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