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Offers new ideas for Phoenix’s economic recovery

Phoenix, AZ – Today mayoral candidate Wes Gullett released his strategy for creating jobs and putting Phoenix on the path to economic recovery and long-term growth. Gullett’s Seven Point Jobs Plan is designed to foster an economic environment to promote job growth and elevate Phoenix to one of the country’s best performing cities.

“As Mayor, my top priority will be to grow our economy through job creation and maintain a high quality of life for our residents,” stated Gullett. “We must keep a laser focus on creating jobs and improving our economy. My Seven Point Jobs Plan outlines how I will focus my energy and city resources to grow our economy and create jobs. It is more than a vision, but a strategic plan detailing how we diversify our economy and ensure long-term economic stability.”

Gullett is the first candidate for Mayor to produce a plan for economic recovery. As a strategic planner, Gullett understands that in order to be successful you must work in partnership with all communities. His plan takes into account that we are not just one big city but that we are a total of our individual parts. As such, one of Gullett’s priorities is to establish individual economic development plans at the neighborhood level.

“We are a diverse city culturally and economically,” stated Gullett. “We have to understand that what works in downtown may not work in Deer Valley or Laveen. A one size fits all approach to economic growth will not work. We must work with our neighborhoods to create a variety of vibrancy.”

Gullett’s plan also focuses on the importance of investing and buying locally. Under his plan, Phoenix will look for ways to increase purchases from local businesses and track the results of that investment. Additionally, his plan calls for Phoenix to bank with financial institutions that are committed to making capital available for local businesses.

“It is time the City of Phoenix puts its money where its mouth is,” Gullett said. “For the last few years we have been hearing our policy makers tell us to ‘shop Phoenix’ so that Phoenix would receive the tax revenue. The City must do the same. By shopping locally, we will help our own economy, and, by ensuring our banks are committed to the community, we can free up much needed capital for our small businesses.”

Gullett’s Seven Point Jobs Plan received praise from business leaders from across Phoenix.
“We need a Mayor who will provide leadership that will help us attract new business, investment and create jobs,” said Michael Bidwill, former Chairman of Greater Phoenix Economic Council. “Wes Gullett has shown that he can be that leader. His plan for creating jobs will provide real results and is exactly the kind of leadership we need to compete in a global market.”

“As a member of the Board of Directors of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I know that it is critically important for our next Mayor to have a plan for our economic future. Wes Gullett has offered a plan that makes sense and is focused on creating jobs,” stated Rick DeGraw.

“As a businessman focused on growing a real estate firm throughout the region and a third generation Phoenician raising a family in Central Phoenix, I am pleased to see that we have a Mayoral candidate who is not only focused on growing our economy, but also understands what it will take,” remarked Tom Johnston, Senior Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield of Arizona, Inc. “Wes Gullett's ‘Seven Point Jobs Plan’ is a thoughtful, comprehensive approach for creating a strong and stable economy that will attract investment and ensure a sustainable and livable city for our children."

“Wes Gullett’s jobs plan calls on Phoenix to focus on growing our economy by taking advantage of the infrastructure that we have in place,” commented civic leader Marty Shultz. “By doing that, we will create the vibrancy necessary to attract young talented workers who will build the economy of tomorrow.”

Wes Gullett’s Seven Point Jobs Plan attached.


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