Friday, September 07, 2012


Congratulations to Sean Noble's D.C. London for the undefeated record they had in the 2012 Arizona Primary Election last week.

According to the Arizona Capitol Times 'Yellow Sheet Report' from Wednesday, D.C. London was the 'Top Consultant' on Election Day.

Our 'pal' Constantin Querard was just able to break even. The Cap Times left out the Lester Pearce race in which D.C. London's Steve Chucri defeated Pearce for the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

Another race not spoken about was the U.S. Senate race, where Jeff Flake DESTROYED former CQ client Wil Cardon by almost 50 points! CQ ran the Cardon campaign (some say 'into the ground') for all but the final couple of months.

In another 'head to head match up', BOB WORSLEY defeated disgraced recalled former Senator Russell Pearce by double digits to win the Republican nomination in AZ LD-25!

One consultant said this about CQ:

"CQ's web of deceit also contributed to Lester Pearce's loss, since Constantin dragged him and his family into the Olivia Cortes sham candidate mess, and Lester ended up under investigation for unethical behavior, and an independent expenditure campaign bought radio time to make sure the public knew about it. Karma."

Another consultant we spoke to simply said this about Querard:

"Constantin is a schizophrenic idiot."!

We think that says it all!

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