Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Who is behind the 'phony' articles being put out by the Wil Cardon campaign? None other than the 'Sleaziest Political Consultant in Arizona' CONSTANTINE QUERARD!

We've written about Querard before (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE). Querard, longtime recipient of Clean Elections Matching Funds for his candidates for State Legislature (No one has done a better job working the system than Querard. In 2008, he was paid $111,050 by Clean Elections candidates alone. Not bad for a few months' work.)

Our friend, Sarah Fenske had this to say about Querard:

"If there's a villain in the Clean Elections story, most moderates will tell you that Constantin Querard fits the bill. A Laveen-based political consultant who boasts that he works only for pro-family (read: anti-abortion) candidates, Querard has made a mint taking down Republicans he believes to be insufficiently conservative.

And this is the real dirty truth about Clean Elections: The measure that was meant to be a Trojan Horse for the left has instead become the ultimate tool of the hard right.

"That's what always happens with such so-called innovations," says Heiler, the Republican operative. "Political culture is like an anthill. It will crawl all over what's placed in the middle of it and try to use it to its advantage."

His strategy is simple. Arizona has a surplus of "safe" districts, which are either heavily Republican or heavily Democrat. That means the primary can be more important than the general election. A Democrat could never topple a moderate Republican incumbent in most districts — but a social conservative running in the primary could.

Of course, social conservatives used to be at a huge disadvantage. The Chamber of Commerce crowd provided most of the party's financing and was more into laissez faire economics than stopping abortion.

But Clean Elections changed all that. Thanks to public financing, the humblest born-again Christian has just as much money as the most-connected businessman.

Querard is convinced that's a good thing. "Some Republican — someone who wasn't a Clean Elections fan — was saying that this process worked so much when the Chamber of Commerce use to vet the candidates. Well, to the average person voting, no one ever realized that was their job — or the job of the old 'Phoenix 40' before them. This is not what people had in mind when they describe the democracy they want to live in."

But even Querard admits that a bunch of true believers who answer to no one but their consciences can make it pretty difficult to govern. "I can see that degree of independence can cause problems for the people who used to run the show," he says.

And really, in this brave new world, a legislator no longer needs to be a joke in the halls of the Capitol to draw a well-funded primary challenge. No, these days, he need only fail to toe a partisan line. The next thing he knows, his opponents are guaranteed enough funding to get an equal say on the airwaves.

And who do you think primary voters are going to elect? A lawmaker who stresses competence and getting the job done? Or a challenger who pledges ideological purity?"

In 2012, Querard is running the campaigns for Wil Cardon & Russell Pearce. Back in the re-call election late last year, Querard was the one who was 'rumored' to be behind the candidacy of Olivia Cortes, the 'Sham' candidate. Lucky for Querard & others, Olivia Cortes dropped out of the race & the court case was dropped (would that have been a 'spectacle' to see who would throw who under the bus).

The good news is this. Once both of his candidates get SMASHED on August 28th, Querard won't have anywhere to hide. No more Clean Elections Matching Funds to pad your bank account Constantine!

Maybe it's time for Querard to head back to Colorado or even better, back home with Mommy to Antiqua?


Anonymous said...

I thought the article was about Querard or Cardon but I see Clean Elections is your target. Let me chime in. Don't forget Clean Elections brought us "righties" (NOT)Chris Mayes, Paul Newman and Sandra Kennedy to advance Solar Power on the ACC, arch conservatives (NOT) Terry Goddard (AG), Janet Napolitano, a whole bunch of rightwing (NOT) Democrats and more women and individuals from Latino and Indian Country. The dirty secret really is how the Chamber of Commerce and Big Money prop up rightwingers after they get elected because they get their tax cuts and appropriation bills passed for their only real concern, profit margins. Supporting moderate Rs or Ds would never achieve the sweeping give-aways the business community has received so why buck the system. AND, don't forget, Clean Elections (NOT) brought us rightwing legislatures in 30 other states that don't even have it...and Congress too! Yah, AZ Clean Elections is responsible for all of least that's what I take from your editorializing. You left out commentary on the impact of Tucson's Clean Money system too. All those liberals on the council. Take a breath, shake it off. A Clean Elections type system is what the country is seeking rather than the current one of buying officials with campaign cash. Clean Elections is not responsible for the Tea Party movement, the Republican Party is. Democrats have the same opportunity to use the system as Republicans, but prefer to use it as their sorry excuse for their dismal showing at the polls. One last item, how much did Democrats running on private money pay their primo consultants: Waid et al to lose seats in the legislature over two cycles after Clean Elections helped to increase the numbers?

Tony GOPrano said...

The hypocracy of Querard and other so called Conservatives using Clean Elections is the point. All Querard cares about is how much $$$ he can pocket. One of his clients, Carl Seel, has gotten over $160,000 in Clean Elections $$ in the last 3 elections. More to come.....