Friday, October 28, 2011

BOMBSHELL: Insolvent AZGOP gives 20% of cash-on-hand to Rob Haney’s pro- Russell Pearce IE group, Constantin Querard is beneficiary!

How would you spend your family’s emergency fund if you were more than $100,000 in debt with a pitiful income and no end in sight?

Would you:

A. Work with your creditors to pay down debts?
B. Cut all frills and use cash for food, utilities & shelter only?
C. Go to Mesa and drop 20% of the family jewels into Russell Pearce’s Constantin Querard’s pocket?

If you are Tom Morrissey, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, you have to go with answer “C”.

The mandatory pre-recall finance report filed by Rob Haney’s independent expenditure group, MaricopaGOP to elect Russell Pearce, lists only one contribution from a political committee – a $6,000 gift from the Arizona Republican Party on October 14, 2011.

This is the same AZGOP that is $100,000+ in debt, showed only $33,000 cash-on-hand in its October FEC finance report and only $4,000 cash-on-hand in its latest financial disclosure to the Arizona Secretary of State.

Chairman Morrissey’s donation amounts to nearly 20% of available federal cash or 150% of available state cash. An arrogant and egregious move, Mr. Morrissey. Have you no shame or brain?

Considering that the AZGOP spends so much money on fundraising yet makes so little back in donations, this $6,000 is a slap in the face to all the small dollar, naïve donors who sent in a check to Morrissey for $10, $25 or $50.
Not surprising to insiders, the AZGOP neglected to submit a mandatory new finance report to the AZSOS before yesterday’s midnight deadline.

The party is required to file because they made a $6,000 contribution via Rob Haney to “elect Russell Pearce” in the recall election. The AZGOP is subject to a $50 penalty, per day, until it submits a new finance report – another waste of donor dollars.

Curiously, the party (intentionally?) neglected to update the AZSOS with the name and email of Chairman Morrissey. According to the AZSOS, all AZGOP finance correspondence is still sent to After this week’s story on Pullen’s resurrection, it’s no surprise that he is still the face of the AZGOP’s financial fiasco.

The fiasco continues since Rob Haney’s IE group is as much a sham organization as Olivia Cortes was a candidate. The Maricopa County GOP is the sponsoring organization of Haney’s IE group and made just one expenditure through October 19, 2011 – $7,500 to Constantin Querard’s IE group, Arizona Deserves the Best.

Arizona Deserves the Best, in turn, paid Constantin Querard 72% of its $18,938 in expenditures – as reported Monday by Steven Lemons of the Phoenix New Times. CQ serves as a consultant and vendor of campaign products and services and is the mastermind of all things shady and repulsive about the AZGOP. The AZGOP's pro-bono attorney, Lee Miller, serves as CQ's treasurer.

In today’s Arizona Capitol Times, Querard said:

“Who’s going to give me a better price than me? It would cost my group more to go somewhere else.” Political consultant Constantin Querard, whose company was hired by an independent expenditure group he runs to produce mailers to benefit Senate President Russell Pearce.
Querard is lucky to have sugar daddies like Rob Haney and Tom Morrissey here in Arizona. Without big poppas, CQ would have to go back to the island, mon.


Barbara Espinosa said...

Now you know the real reason Tom will not be removed and Haney's minons wont't vote for it. Instead of trying to use Obama tactics of blame the last administrations. He didn't
Play games with Haney and isn't Responsible for what is taking place now . Try talking about what they used the contributions for and give them credit for Az being redder than ever.Pullen inherited a party in disarray in 2007. AZ was purple state with razor thin majorities in both houses, a democrat Gov. and AG.  He increased the margins in 2008 maintained control of the corporation commission in a tough election cycle. Won the national immigration policy battle, which He led against Bush and Kyle. This united the party for 2008 elections in AZ. AZ lost CDs but that was expected. Rick Renzi retired in disgrace.

In 2010, he won it all.  Turned AZ redder than ever before.  He accomplished everything what he set out to do.  What is Tom's plan to maintain our majorities and get 7 of the 9 CDs to help a Republican Pres. govern and turn around the country
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Veritas said...

This article is more of the usual bovine excrement that is extruded on this blogsite by Jeff the Vast.

Tony GOPrano said...

There she is, Vicit Veritas AKA Carol Turoff, asskisser to Rob Haney & Phil Mason!

Guess we hit a nerve there huh bitch?

Get ready for more....

Veritas said...

Hey Tono... yeah, I'm talk'n to you... let us know when you've finished tossing McCain's salad.

Tony GOPrano said...

Hey Carol T. aka VV, tired of kissing Haney's ass yet? Guess not?

Veritas said...

Oooo... you're so clever Tony. NOT!

Tony GOPrano said...

Hey Carol (VV), how was your Tuesday night? LMFAO!