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For the past couple of weeks, rumors have been circulating throughout Arizona Republican circles that an attempted "Coup d'état" will take place this weekend.

On Saturday October 29, 2011 @ 9:00AM, a State Republican meeting of the whole Executive Committee will take place. According to our reliable sources, during this meeting, a vote of "NO CONFIDENCE' against Chairman Tom Morrissey will occur. These same sources tell PM they have secured 60+% of the votes FOR the mutinous proposal. After the vote, the coup commandeers plan to go to the Governor & get her to ask Morrissey to resign.

Just who is behind the "Coup d'état "?

Our sources tell us that the leaders of this 'operation' are AZ GOP National Committeeman BRUCE ASH, Pima County Executive Director LINDA WHITE, LD-9 Chairman LISA BEIGHTOL GRAY, and none other than our old 'pal' BRETT "109 & FEELING FINE" MECUM, the ex-ED of the AZ GOP!

Why is the "Coup d'état " taking place? Many are placing the blame for the AZ GOP's $100,000.00 debt in Tom Morrissey's hands. As the readers of PM know, we have led the fight on the 'truth' about Mr. Morrissey and his gang from the day he was elected Chairman. But any attempt to solely blame Morrissey for the entire debt problem is ridiculous! He is merely following in his predecessor's footsteps.

Yes the fundraising under Morrissey has been horrible (we knew he was NO fundraiser when he got the job). He has added $83,000 to the debt he inherited when taking office in January 2011. At least Morrissey is putting the debt on the books, something his predecessor did not do until threatened by the FEC. In April 2010, the AZ GOP gave the FEC this lame excuse for its huge unreported debt:

“The Year End Report did not originally reflect the debts because the debt was not known. The report was amended to reflect debts as soon as the debts were discovered as being owed, this was subsequent to the filing of the report. The Arizona Republican Party engaged a new bookkeeping service in December 2008. They were not tracking invoices as to their due date as they were doing cash accounting. The system has been changed and invoices are reviewed on a monthly basis to determine if they should be reported as debt.”

Guess who the 'conspirators' want to replace Tom Morrisey with? None other that former AZ GOP Chairman and Certified Public Accountant©, RANDY PULLEN!

Let's look back on Pullen's rule as Chairman.....

According to the articles, the AZ GOP was carrying 'tens of thousands of dollars' worth of debt and NOT reporting it! In the article, "Randy Pullen, RNC Auditor, Has Own History Of Campaign Finance Controversy", it said the following:

"In January 2010, Pullen was charged with intentionally hiding a $50,000 transfer from the Republican National Committee to the Arizona State Party so he could pay off unreported debt. He ended up filing the money after several members of the executive committee pressed for (of all things) a "fraud audit" of the party's finances."

On January 10, 2010 Randy Pullen answered these 'questions' in a LETTER (Click Here to Read) where he said there was no debt. Really Randy? Are you sure? Because just three months later, you told the FEC that the AZ GOP kept the debt off the books & you were sorry. You spent about $70,000 on old debts during the 2010 election season. The donors to the AZ GOP thought you were using that money to elect Republicans to office.

Looking at the Profit & Loss Statement for the AZ GOP Jan - Dec 2009 (Click Here To Read) it shows a debt at that time of - $18,475.07!

Here are some 'Past Due Bills" from that time (Click Here To Read) (3)

So they want to replace Tom Morrissey with Randy Pullen? Some of the same hypocites, like LISA BEIGHTOL GRAY and SHANE WIKFORS (now the Communications Director for the AZ GOP) continued to vote for Robert Graham in the Chairman's race, even when Graham dropped out. THEY are the ones (68 total) whose votes elected Morrissey! They have NO ONE to blame but themselves! Sound familiar?

Now is NOT the time for this. In just a few weeks, the GOP Presidential Debate will take place here in Arizona. Why 'fan the flames' with the entire country watching? The conspirators must want Obama for another four years.

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Barbara Espinosa said...

Do you have actual information to back this up that can be verified. My understanding is if they successful
In ousting Morrissey the vice chair moves up until there is an election in 2012. I don't believe the Governor would get involved in this she has enough on her plate.

Tony GOPrano said...

Wake Up Barbara! You know its all true. Cab you read? Your just mad I beat you to the punch!

Kevin Payne said...

No Tony, I believe Barbara is correct. The vice chair moves up until an election.

Is Pullen even an elected PC? Wasn't he beat in the 2010 election? I believe the rules state that only PCs can run for Chairman.

Morrissey is not doing his job. The Democrats are out fund raising republicans by a ratio of 3:1. Talk about who's wanting another 4 years!

You brought up the $100,000 debt and stated Morrissey didn't do that by himself. Only $83,000 was Morrissey's while $17,000 was Pullen's. Last time I checked $83,000 was a lot of money and here's some easy's 83% of the total!

Perhaps for the next election we can actually get some candidates to announce they're running early enough to be vetted.

Barbara Espinosa said...

I can read..However this would need to be on the agenda the agenda went out 10 days ago. Therefore it would need to be brought up from the floor. Minus Randy,Brett and Bruce the same people were hot to do this months ago and didn't have the cojones to do it then and I'm a 99 percent sure it's medically impossible for them to have grown the cojones to do it Saturday. If I'm wrong I'll buy you lunch.
Pullen is not an elected PC to the best of my knowledge. I also believe he will not be at the meeting.
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