Thursday, October 27, 2011

Carl SEEL blasts IRC, hates new district - PM finds Top 10 list of IRC responses

Tuesday’s Arizona Capitol Times reported that LD-6 Representative Carl SEEL (R) testified before the Joint Legislative Committee on Redistricting. Seel alleged that the IRC’s mapping vendor, Strategic Telemetry, may have used nefarious retaliation when drafting his new district boundaries - as payback for legislation he’s sponsored.

Seel basked in the national spotlight for a few brief moments in April when he contacted Donald Trump to discuss his Arizona “birther bill”. Seel’s last brush with the national media was in 2010 when The Daily Show spoofed Seel into being himself, as the Photo Radar Avenger.

If the current LD draft map stands, Seel will have to take his conservative comedy show down the road to more colorful pastures, where red and blue make purple.

After last night’s meeting, the IRC commissioners left behind this TOP 10 LIST of responses to Carl Seel’s complaints.

  • 10: We hear there are some killer poker clubs south of Bell Road that you & the Mrs. might enjoy.

  •  9: Seriously, we thought Sylvia Allen authored that birther bill.

  •  8: Jim Weiers, Dave Braswell & Kimberly Yee are great people.

  • 7: Lucky for you, Castles-N-Coasters hosts birthday parties, corporate events and fundraisers!

  •  5: Ask Jim Waring where he buys his shoes.

  • 4: We thought you’d enjoy visiting with your constituents on that 19th Ave express bus to the Capitol.

  •  3: The reception from tin-foil hats is better at the Metrocenter Denny’s. Anthem’s altitude is too high.

  •  2: Swear, we didn’t know you still lived there. We thought your house was foreclosed on & you had to move. Saw it on CBS5.

  •  1: Again sir, you are Carl who?

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