Thursday, October 27, 2011

WES GULLETT - Help us fight against the campaign of lies

Dear Friends:

This election is coming down to the wire -- and I need your help right now. My opponent's special interest friends are flooding the airwaves with attack ads so outrageous that even the Arizona Republic admits "there is no other way to say it... the ad lies." Laurie Roberts writes of shell groups formed to "basically lie to you in hopes of scuttling Wes Gullett's bid to be mayor."

We want to shake up city hall, repeal the food tax and fix the pension mess. Desperately clinging to the status quo, the city union bosses and the insiders supporting Greg Stanton are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to thwart us.

But when a man stopped us at the grocery store last night and said he didn't recognize me without the tattoo across my forehead, I knew we had to fight back hard.

We have come too far in this race to lose because of lies from Greg Stanton and his union friends. We need to hit back... and we need your help. Will you help us get the following ad on the air today?


Each ad we run in the Phoenix market will cost $222. You can put an ad on the air by contributing $222 -- or, if you can't sponsor a whole spot, $111 will pay for half, $55.50 will pay for a quarter, and even just $5 or $10 will help a lot.

Our opponents are attacking us because they are scared. They never thought we'd make the run-off -- and they surely never thought we'd be in a down-to-the-wire race in the last week of October. Now they've taken off the gloves and are playing dirty politics. With all that is at stake in this election, we cannot afford to let them get away with it. We need to fight back... which is why I need your support today. Right now, while you are thinking about it, can you make a contribution to help us get this ad on the air immediately?

With thanks for anything you can do --

Wes Gullett

PS - I need your help to get our message out. Your donation will keep our ad on television and hold Greg Stanton and his union supporters accountable.

And again -- With less than two weeks to go until we start counting the ballots, how's this for inspiration: Please check out this terrific email from the Phoenix Association of Realtors to the 9000 small business men and women whose hard work makes up the backbone of our community. I am honored to have their confidence and support!


Paid for by Wes Gullett for Phoenix

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