Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Lester Pearce is under investigation for unethical activity


AZPIA releases commercials informing the public about the investigation into Lester Pearce for allegations he violated the code of judicial ethics

If Maricopa County's government were a reality show, it would often compete with The Jerry Springer Show. There has been no shortage of drama, scandal, and infighting. The follow-up episodes have involved lawsuits and disbarments.

Voters are ready to restore dignity to county government and the Board of Supervisors.

Lester Pearce is vying for a spot on the board, hoping the name ID of his brother will carry him into office. Most people are probably unaware, however, that Lester Pearce is currently being investigated by the Commission on Judicial Conduct for allegations that he violated the code of ethical standards sitting judges are expected to follow. This is according to recent Channel 12 News reports.

Among the allegations is that Pearce helped put forward Olivia Cortes as a sham candidate, by helping his relatives collect signatures to place her on the ballot--something Pearce admits to doing. He is also said to have illegally campaigned for Russell Pearce, even though sitting judges are not allowed to campaign, donate, endorse, or participate in any way in any campaign of a candidate other than their own.

It is time to move on to a new era of professionalism on the Board, and voters should be fully informed about the ethical lapses of Lester Pearce before making their decisions. To that end, AZPIA has purchased air time on local radio to inform the public.
Arizona Public Integrity Alliance is a non-profit corporation dedicated to public education around issues of public integrity. AZPIA is currently focused on improving the transparency and accountability of elected officials with regard to gifts from lobbyists and special interest groups, and is launching a campaign to lobby for reform.

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