Friday, September 07, 2012

Highlights of President Obama's Speech to the 2012 DNC Convention!

Welcome Suckers oops I mean voters to my speech tonight! My Name is Barack Obama and this is probably the only truth I will state tonight!

I have run up the deficit to over the tune of 16 Trillion $$$, which is more than all my predecessors combined.
I gave a $535 Million loan to my 'pals' over at Solyndra (they have already filed for Bankruptcy)!
I rejected the Keystone Pipeline so I can keep my 'comrade' Hugo happy!
My pal Attorney General Eric Holder helped to cover up the 'Fast and Furious' scandal!

I gave a $25 Billion Bailout to my friends in the Auto Industry. Can you say 'Union Payback'?

Well America, I know you are sick & tired of hearing my Bull Shit! Vote for Me & I will bail you out too!


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