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CARL SEEL faces FOURTH foreclosure on Turf Paradise area home, $36K CCEC money just received

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Third Fourth time is a charm, right?

Not if Arizona House Republican Representative Carl Seel manages to slither away from his FOURTH scheduled foreclosure auction since September 2008.

His Turf Paradise neighborhood house is scheduled to be auctioned on the steps of the Maricopa County Superior Court on November 21, 2012. 

Seel’s biennial transfusion of tens of thousands of dollars from the Citizen’s Clean Elections Commission will likely be spent by the time his latest foreclosure auction comes around.  

In August 2012, Seel received $35,888 for the primary and general elections.  In previous elections, Seel became infamous for paying himself, his business and procuring a plethora of electronic equipment on the CCEC dime.

The habitual candidate is a habitual liar, debtor and poker player as well.

Politico Mafioso and KPHO-TV 5 have previously reported on Seel’s unpaid mortgage and the shenanigans he pulls to get out the foreclosure auctions at the last minute.

In 2008, while Seel was feverishly playing poker multiple nights a week with the Ace High Poker League, he told a candidate forum in Desert Hills that his imminent foreclosure was the result of his wife’s family obligations out-of-state.  Allegedly, her minimal absence caused Seel’s “advertorial” business to screech to a grinding halt – resulting in the scheduled September 2008 auction.  

Multiple sources have told PM that a wealthy GOP benefactor rescued Seel from the auction scheduled just three weeks after his 2008 primary.  

After the GOP angel’s gift, Seel was safe for a while – until he refused to pay his mortgage again.  

In October 2009, while still playing poker with Ace High, the new legislator faced a foreclosure auction once again.  This time, he managed to delay the auction nearly a year and the mortgage servicer officially cancelled the trustee’s sale after Seel received thousands of dollars in CCEC cash in August 2010.

Just five months later, in January 2011, a new mortgage servicer had taken over Seel’s loan and pulled the trigger quickly.  Seel had not paid his mortgage since the 2010 primary election season and was facing the courthouse steps again.

His third foreclosure auction was scheduled for April 2011.  Seel was busy in New York City visiting fellow birther, DonaldTrump.  Seel assured voters that he was spending his own money and constituent account dollars to visit Trump.  He sure wasn’t paying his mortgage.

He was, however, a legislator who was running a bill unfavorable to mortgage companies and their foreclosure servicers.

KPHO and PM reported on Seel’s miraculous $100,000 principalreduction loan modification and Extreme Home Makeover in May 2011.  Not surprisingly, Seel failed to officially run his bill that would have made the foreclosure process more difficult for banks.

Seel’s third foreclosure auction was cancelled in May 2011. 

This honeymoon in the new digs didn’t last long.

On August 17, 2012, Seel’s fourth notice of trustee’s salewas filed with the Maricopa County Recorder.  The law office of the 2011 servicer is, once again, handling the sale.

The newest series of documents rescind the 2011 loan modification and principal reduction.  According to attorney Les Zieve, Seel now owes the original high interest loan balance of$191,500.

It’s time for this part-time legislator and full-time weasel to get a real job, grow up and be a real man.  It's also time for a serious intervention from Seel's senior Republican legislators and/or pastoral staff.  Someone has to call out this embarrassing scofflaw and ignore the BS he is sure to use as an excuse for his progressive liberal entitlement mindset and behavior. 
Aug 2012 See l Notice of Trustees Sale

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