Thursday, July 26, 2012

Carl Seel is NO Conservative!

The one good thing about the recent Redistricting is that Carl Seel is no longer going to be in my Legislative District! Seel now will be in the new LD-20, which encompasses Moon Valley and parts of the old LD-11.

Carl Seel is one of the dumbest members the Arizona Legislature has ever seen!

Seel 'claims' to be a Conservative. Do Real Conservatives use Clean Elections to get over $150,000 in the past few elections, then spent part of the $$$ on things like GPS & computers for personal use.

Do Real Conservatives file for Bankruptcy? Twice?

Do Real Conservatives get a 'Sweetheart Deal' on their mortgage just days before a Foreclosure Sale on their home?

Carl Seel has used his office for personal gain. I think the voters of LD-20 aren't going to put up with this clown for long. More to come....

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