Friday, April 08, 2011

Donald Trump and Arizona Representative Carl Seel meet just 5 days before lawmaker’s dilapidated home auctioned at courthouse

Donald Trump is a real estate magnate and birther. Arizona Republican Representative Carl Seel is a real estate deadbeat and birther. Both know their way around a Bankruptcy Court and both are bottom feeders.

The two men met earlier today in Trump’s New York City office to discuss the birther movement, Seel’s HB-2177 “Birther Bill” and their shared principle that sometimes it’s better to walk away from a deal.

Following conversations about how similar they are, it’s a near certainty that the two discussed Seel’s dilapidated and trashed house that will be featured at a courthouse foreclosure auction on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 12:00 noon.

A businessman as astute as Trump surely asked Seel how he could afford to visit the inner-sanctum of the Trump Tower yet never pay his mortgage.

According to a tweet yesterday by Channel 12’s Brahm Resnik, a spokesperson from the Arizona House of Representatives answered that question.

Resnik tweeted, spox says Seel trip to Trump in NY paid for by "constituency account" ARS 41-133. His $$ and constituent $$. Trip Seel's idea”.

ARS 41-133 allows a legislator to raise and spend $9,800 per year on “officeholder expenses”. Money must be donated by individuals at a maximum of $150 per election cycle.

Unfortunately for Seel, his latest “officeholder expense” finance report shows a $0 balance.

The Arizona Legislative Manual defines a “constituent” as: A citizen who resides in the district of a legislator. That rules out the legality of Seel using those funds to pay for his trip to visit with Donald Trump.

So, Seel the Spendthrift performed a miracle and turned $0 in his “officeholder account” into enough cash to buy a last-minute ticket to NYC, a few expensive nights in a hotel and daily fine dining experiences.

If anyone can pony up enough cash to save Carl Seel from living under multiple Notices of Trustee’s sale for the last three years, unpaid payday loans, $10,000 in unpaid legal fees and a 2010 personal bankruptcy - it is Donald Trump.

But Trump is a Republican who believes that a man should be self-made.

That leaves out Carl Seel. He is a classic mooch.

According to campaign finance records on file at the Arizona Secretary of State, Seel has received almost $160,000 of PUBLIC funds from the political dreamer welfare office at the Arizona Citizen's Clean Elections Commission.

PM has previously reported that despite a bad economy that has negatively affected his advertorial business and a minimal income of only $24,000 per year as a part-time Arizona legislator, Seel has continued to pursue a career as a languishing politician rather rescue his family of five from living at the federal poverty level.

It’s obvious to local politicos that Carl Seel hasn’t done SQUAT to save himself or family from financial ruin. Since the CCEC won’t give Seel any more money until 2012, who better to mooch off of than The Donald himself?

Hey, if Carl Seel can make it there, he can make it anywhere. It’s up to you - New York, New York.


Anonymous said...

Trump and Seel, a marriage made in heaven.
With Gawd's help Carl could become the V.P.

TheOnlyTrueConservative said...

Every day that goes by I understand the Tea Party less and less.

I got an email from the "Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots" that mentions that Kelly Townsend (leader of that group) was also on this trip.

The fake founding fathers were bragging about this trip too, like it was such a great thing.

If the mission of the Tea Party is to make themselves politically irrelevant by chasing distractions instead of fiscal accountability, then mission accomplished.

What a joke.

Why is it that every Tea Party Hero (Tom Morrissey, Carl Seel, Russell Pearce, Mark Spinks, etc.) has more baggage than Lovey Howell on a 3 hour tour?