Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Are SHANE WIKFORS & Tea Party Felon WES HARRIS working together to recall McCain?

An article was posted on the Sonoran Moron Alliance Blog last Friday called "Lawsuit and recall of Sen. John McCain has begun"! This post was originally ran on 'Rob Haney's Fake Newspaper' the day before.

Here is a screen shot of the article posted on SA:
 Source:  Sonoran Alliance Blog July 27, 2012

In the article, at the end of the statement of the recall, the name of the poster was x' d out:

xxxxxxxx is none other than Tea Party Felon WES HARRIS, whose exploits have been well explained on this blog.

Harris One Man Recall is a total joke. Wes Harris is an embarrassment to the Tea Party movement in AZ.   Many of the folks he started with are no longer associated with him.

Wes Harris has a better chance of getting his gun rights back then recalling Sen. McCain! Keep it up Wes, I've got lots more to come....

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