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In the nearly 6 years we have run this blog, we receive more e-mails than any other topic on someone we have never done an article on......until now! 

WES HARRIS Tea Party 'Leader' from Moon Valley, sends multiple e-mails each day on various topics to hundreds of Arizona Republicans.  One he sent last week really hit home:

Affects of Teacher's Unions in Arizona...test scores and political contributions

Date:5/24/2012 12:51:50 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time
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Cc: Heather Carter ; Kate McGee ; james.bearup@hotmail.com

Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2012 12:04 PM

Subject: Affects of Teacher's Unions in Arizona...test scores and political contributions


I thought you all would like to know just how effective the various Teacher's Unions have been in Arizona. For openers they have been a total failure in advancing our children's test scores. On the other hand, they have been very effective defending inept teachers and spending their member's dues on political contributions...the vast majority of which goes to Democrats. I would venture to say that that which goes to 'Republicans' are only those disguised as such but are bought and paid for by said Teacher's Unions. Think about who in our State Legislature qualifies for this distinction. Two names come to mind right off the top of my head...Heather Carter and Kate McGee. Where is the money coming from to pay for all of those "Heather Carter" signs that seem to be everywhere? We have to ferret out the others and replace them with legislators that are truly interested in our children's education and a free and open employment of good solid teachers who are not under the thumb of these so called "Unions". These unions are nothing more than money drops for the Democrats.

Let me suggest that you consider electing James Bearup to replace Heather Carter in the State Legislature. He is a family man, a recently returned combat veteran of the Afghan war, a staunch Christian and a dedicated fiscal and social conservative. Go to http://www.jamesberup.org/ for more information. He needs your help, money and talent.

PS: These two woman blocked an anti U.N. Agenda 21 bill # SB 1507 authored by Sen. Judy Burges under the guise that it was "too broad". Heather offered an amendment that would almost completely gut this bill. Our Federal Forest roads are now being closed or are closed to you...the public and tax payer...by virtue of Agenda 21 (the Sierra Club dictates, etc.). Do you want people in our State legislature that are interested in their own personal agenda and the sacrifice of the common good and our National Security and Sovereignty. I think not!


Wesley W. Harris

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Really Mr. Harris?  My wife was a highly respected Elementary School Teacher for over 35 years in the WESD #6 School District!  She is currently the State of AZ Vice-President for AASRA, the Retired Teacher Group with over 1,000 statewide members.  Not going to let you get away with this one Wes!

Speaking of Wes Harris, did you know that he was a Convicted Felon?  Bet you didn't? 

Wes Harris has a long record of being a troublemaker. He is giving the "Tea Party" and the "Republican Party" battered and bruised brand. He is constantly harassing elected officials plus he is negative on all issues that benefit Phoenix citizens. Berates and castigates Teachers, Police and Firefighters.




Criminal Record




Here's the criminal court case #





plus another case in civil court:


Supports the JOHN BIRCH Society

Now in defense of Mr. Harris, he has gotten his voting rights restored, but surprisingly he did NOT Vote in the 2010 Republican Primary!  His Gun rights have yet to be restored!

Here is what one long standing Republican State Committeeman had to say about Harris:

"The entire community is "fed-up" with Mr. Harris's, invective remarks targeted at "Elected Officials & Candidates" who do not espouse his views. He enjoys "bullying and threatening " attics. He sends out10-15 daily emails, twitters and Facebook messages condemning Elected Republican Officials and will run a slate of against them should they dare disagree with him! He markets himself as a Registered Republican and Precinct Committeeman, but operates under the North Phoenix Tea Party which he organized and wears "many hats" So what is he? A RINO?

His membership is limited to extreme right wing radicals and fanatical John Birch Society members, all claiming support to the libertarian think tank ,Goldwater Institute, which is "Anti Union", "Anti-everything" including America's Public School System and would prefer a "Charter School System", that requires NO Teacher Certification and is funded by Your tax dollars!

He is if anything, considered a menace, "a knat", even a weasel by many in city hall and the legislature.

He and his group are part of the problem, not the solution.

To attack one of the most admiral and noble professions as "Teachers" if you will, is just a disgrace.

Our public education does need some "fixing" but, the blame should never be placed on the very foundation....our teachers. That's like saying the Nurses are to blame for all the faults with our healthcare delivery system.

He is an individual not capable of sitting down with a reasonable group of people and having an intellectually stimulating conversation, developing a productive plan that will move our city and state forward, instead of backward.

He feels he has all the answers and knows more than the highly qualified, dedicated leadership in city hall, who are responsible for maintaining the quality of life and services provided to our citizens. It does not get any better when our city has a triple A Bond rating, a balanced budget and keeps winning national awards!

Mr. Harris claims to be a Re-born Christian and loves the new saying. "We are all Catholic"...well, he is NOT a Catholic!

Catholics learn from an early age, we are the "gatekeepers" of the elderly, the poor and our children....we are taught to go into our communities and get involved by getting elected to improve the quality of life, aid and comfort the homeless and make a difference..these are called acts of kindness and charity. Charity begins at home, and we would rather see our tax dollar help people and improve our community ,than recklessly give it away as worthless foreign aid to dictators who spend it on themselves!

The evangelical movement is fine and in it's place but, when was the last time you stepped in to one of their many hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, or homeless shelters! Our Catholic History reminds us daily ,of all the Saints we emulate for their acts of charity. We do not tear down a system, we work to improve it.

The Catholic Church is very diverse in race and nationality, we operate our own schools without any tax dollars! We pride ourselves on our Teachers and nurses..St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Catherine Labore, Mother Seaton, Mother Cabrini, St. Thomas Moore and yes our beloved Mother Teresa."

What would they think of Wes Harris and his gang that can't shoot straight? !!

That pretty much sums it up.  The great thing is that EVERY candidate that Wes Harris supports, LOSES badly in elections.  The 'free ride' is over Mr. Harris.  We will be watching.....


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