Friday, June 22, 2012


Here is a great e-mail from Jon Altmann on the latest 'tirade' from Tea Party Felon WES HARRIS:

Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2012 09:01:02 -0700
Subject: FW: Introduction

You are either a bold faced liar or simply short on the facts, I'm not sure which. If you want to promote your candidate, go for the positive, not the negative. You don't even live in LD15.
Heather Carter sponsored and championed veterans legislation. She has championed legislation to bring the light of day to oppressive HOAs. She has no endorsement from the AEA (aka "teachers' union) and I have never once heard her get up about your far fetched black-helicopter fetish about Agenda 21. What I have heard is that the AEA has not been happy with her efforts to modernize Arizona's education system - how does that play against your line of support by the teachers? And what is so bad about teachers? I sit on a school board and see the burdens they have. When is the last time you spent quality time talking with educators or visiting a classroom?
How about we talk about jobs, improving Arizona and doing things to improve Arizona's economy, not your highly focused routine of narrow minded agenda items which, if you'd bother to walk some doors, find that most Arizona Republicans could care less? They care about the economy.
I've kept silent on your regular barrages for some time. Politico Mafioso website did a nice spread on you. If you want to speak to your qualifications to discuss the merits of Arizona's criminal code, let's have that discussion. I'll get some use out of my degree in Justice Studies and some of the years I worked doing parole investigations. If you want to claim you are some leading voice in North Phoenix for Republican causes, then I am going to call you out on that one. 
Perhaps you are in good company with Mr. Bearup. Have you asked about his brother who is sitting on death row? Or his father, who Sheriff Joe fired, who six months ago moved to Pinal County to try a run for sheriff down there ... a bit of carpet bagging.
You have avoided the facts when it is convenient for you. If you keep pressing your propaganda, then there are those of us who are also Republicans who are going to press the truth. Perhaps Mrs. Carter's being a college professor is intimidating - perhaps because she is an educated, calm, rationale female and mother who makes time for her family and her civic commitment is unsettling for you - perhaps you simply are afraid to sit down to a rationale, thoughtful discussion with elected folks. I find it refreshing that we have a legislator, who happens to be a mother and college professor, who tries to be intellectual, not die hard philosophical, about public policy that affects the lives of many Arizonans. I have never once heard Heather refuse to have a civil discussion. It's a democracy and you're free to advocate who you wish, but it would seem that Mr. Bearup is a bit short on resume to represent me in LD15 - yes, Wes, I live in LD15, so I get a say, too.
You hate firefighters, unions, all sorts of folks in the GOP, Agenda 21, black helicopters, Rick Romney (because he prosecuted you for a Class 3 Felony for Aggravated Assault with a weapon), and probably after this email will label me with more new acronyms that I'll add to my spell checker. I would rather you look within yourself and show us the qualities of rationale, clear thought. You said you were a past executive at Dial .... it does not show. You have said you are a veteran, but never have answered my inquiry as to when you served and in what branch. Every veteran I have met is always proud to tell me where and when they served.
You're entitled to a say, but the people are entitled to the facts. I spent a lot of years digging facts. I'm up for the challenge. In the meantime, go raise $30,000 for an IE and front your side of the story in a mass mailer.
Be responsible. Get on the positive. Otherwise, you are giving more credibility to the other party by the attacks you mount on decent Republicans who give a lot of time to try to do the right thing in public policy. Or, since you have had your voting rights restored, go run for office yourself. Your choice. I'll remember you in my prayers at Sunday Mass.
Jon C. Altmann
Senior Chief Intelligence Specialist
U.S. Navy (Ret.)
"Leadership is not for the risk adverse "
Harris' response:
Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2012 09:36
To: ISCS Jon C. Altmann, USN (Ret.)
Cc: Heather Carter
Subject: RE: Introduction

Mr. Altman,

Your unmitigated stupidity is beyond the pale and not worthy of my time to comment on each of your falsehoods other than to tell you to never ever write to me again and never ever call me a "bold faced liar"!


I suggest that Heather get a new spokes person, or defender (if you prefer).



Barbara Espinosa said...

Ya gotta hand to Jon he calls like he sees em. And so does PM.

Anonymous said...

What's worse is politicians actually asking for Wes Harris' support. What's Shawnna Bolick up to these days?

James Bearup said...

Hello Mr. Altmann,

We have never spoken, but my name is James Bearup, the one who you are attacking without even doing any facts checks.

I have been serving in the United States Army for nearly the past 10 years. I have done multiple combat tours and became disabled after OEF VIII.
I have never tried to hide anything about my brother, he made his choices in life and I made mine, as for my Father he never got fired from MCSO, he left because he felt it was time to go and pursue other things in his life "ie Senor Pastor of Family Bible Fellowship Church" as for being a carpet bagger, he is 2nd Generation Arizonan I am 3rd and my son is 4th, my family has been here longer than most. I would love to sit down with you and talk about this more and my qualifications to not only run for this office but to hold this office. You can reach me at or on my cell phone at 602-684-8700.
Thank you for your time
James Bearup