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Late last week, former Arizona Republican Party Chairman, Randy Pullen, send this e-mail out to Republicans:

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From: Randy Pullen <>
Date: Thu, Jun 21, 2012 at 10:03 AM
Subject: AZGOP Chairman Unilaterally Changes Platform on Illegal Immigration
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AZGOP Executive Committee,
This past Sunday on 12 News Square Off (Here is the link ), Shane Wikfors, the Communications Director for the AZGOP effectively changed our party’s position on illegal immigration. He condoned President Obama’s action of last Friday. He went on to state that the position of the party needs to change. When questioned on it, he stated that this is the position of Chairman Morrissey and Russell Pearce. While I do not know Tom Morrissey’s position, I know that Russell Pearce does not agree to changing his position on this important issue.
Securing our border and ending employment of illegal immigrants in the workplace are the key points in our STATE and RNC platforms. I have attached the section of the national platform on illegal immigration, most of which I wrote in 2008. It is clear what our position is. It is my understanding that this is the position of Governor Romney as well as the Governor of Arizona. Many of us have worked long and hard to establish our position on illegal immigration and build a consensus in the Party. It is not up to Shane Wikfors or Chairman Morrissey to unilaterally change that position.
Chairman Morrissey needs to clarify his position on this issue. If he stands by what Shane has said, he needs to resign his position as Chairman, if he disavows the statement by Shane, then Shane should be terminated immediately as Communications Director. There is no excuse for misrepresenting so emphatically the position of the Chairman on such an important issue in Arizona.
Randall Pullen

We here at PM haven't always agreed with former Chairman Pullen, but we sure do on this!

Politico Mafioso was the First to call for Shane Wikfors to resign last week!

Look at this 'back & forth' between Pullen and Wikfors on Facebook:
Shane Wikfors Pay special attention to the paragraph titled "Embracing Immigrant Communities."
Thursday at 11:14pm ·
    Randall Pullen Apparently Shane, you do not know the difference between a legal immigrant and an illegal one. For clarification, a legal immigrant is one who waits in line for several years for the opportunity to emigrate to our country. They are given what is known as a green card to show they are here legally. Illegal immigrants sneak into the country or do not leave the country when their temporary visa expires. In order to work, they steal someone's identity or buy fake identification.
    Friday at 7:55am ·
    Shane Wikfors Randy, I do know the difference. However we're talking about children who were brought into this country (or born here) without their consent or knowledge. The US Congress, NOT the President, needs to address how these people are classified. Senator Kyl, Marco Rubio, David Schweikert and a whole lotta of Republicans realize this as well. Please tell me you are not going to break up families, round up non-criminals and deport them. This Party is a party of the rule of law but we are also a party that welcomes people who follow our laws. Read the second part of this party plank. Governor Mitt Romney acknowledged that yesterday at NALEO.
    Friday at 8:03am · · 1
    Randall Pullen Shane, you can try to twist the language anyway you would like in order to try and justify your gross error in stating the Party's position. You are just flat wrong. Since you are not backing down from what you have said, I assume you are speaking for Chairman Morrissey. Again, nether you nor he have the right to change the Party's position on this issue. This is something the members of the RNC and State Committeemen have all ready decided. If you want to change the position, then call a meeting and present the new platform. I just hope you all can do a better job of managing the meeting than you demonstrated in May.
    Friday at 9:18am ·
    Shane Wikfors Randy, No one has changed the party's position. Chairman Morrissey will issue a statement soon. AND, the entire Republican Party (via the platform committee) will take up the issue of immigration on its agenda at the convention. I believe they will reaffirm the platform but emphasize how the GOP messages to Latinos. Next time you send out an email to the GOP universe, try including me in the recipients, please.
    Friday at 9:55am · ·
  • Mr. Pullen then sent out this e-mail:
    Subject: Chairman's New Position on Illegal Immigration
    Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2012 00:27:34 +0000
    Dear Executive Committee Members,
    I have enclosed a copy of the Yellow Sheet story regarding Shane Wikfors’ statements last Sunday on Square Off and subsequent remarks he made this week. It appears that Chairman Morrissey does agree with his Communications Director’s position on changing our party’s position on illegal immigration.
    Randall Pullen
    The AZ Capitol Times Yellow Sheet Report did an article about this. Here is what they said:
    Wikfors said that Morrissey “is adamant about [the] need to adjust our messaging,” especially heading into this election, because polls show that voters are very concerned about jobs, but not concerned about immigration. “I think Republicans need to get ahead of the president on this issue,” he added, explaining that doing so will show Hispanics that the GOP is inclusive. Wikfors even went so far as to say, in response to a question from fellow panelist and Republic columnist Laurie Roberts, that he believes even Pearce would agree “to a large extent” with the sentiment. View the video at:
    Time for Shane Wikfors to go! He is nothing but an embarrassment to the Arizona Republican Party!

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