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Here are the reactions to the Supreme Court's ruling on SB-1080 from some of our elected officials:

Statement from Jeff Flake on the Supreme Court’s Decision on Arizona’s Immigration Law

PHOENIX – Jeff Flake, a conservative candidate for U.S. Senate, issued the following statement regarding today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court on Arizona’s immigration law, SB 1070:

“It’s troubling to me and to Arizonans that the Obama administration has wasted time and taxpayer money in court, rather than fulfilling its responsibility to secure the border. Arizona will have to continue to wait until we have an administration that will exert the leadership to do what needs to be done to secure the border.”

Jeff Flake also appeared on FOX News following the Court’s announcement to discuss the ruling and what it means for Arizona. Click the link or image below to watch:

For more information on Jeff Flake and why he’s running for the U.S. Senate, please visit his website at

Statement by Governor Jan Brewer

U.S. Supreme Court Decision Upholds Heart of SB 1070

“Today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court is a victory for the rule of law. It is also a victory for the 10th Amendment and all Americans who believe in the inherent right and responsibility of states to defend their citizens. After more than two years of legal challenges, the heart of SB 1070 can now be implemented in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.

“While we are grateful for this legal victory, today is an opportunity to reflect on our journey and focus upon the true task ahead: the implementation and enforcement of this law in an even-handed manner that lives up to our highest ideals as American citizens. I know the State of Arizona and its law enforcement officers are up to the task. The case for SB 1070 has always been about our support for the rule of law. That means every law, including those against both illegal immigration and racial profiling. Law enforcement will be held accountable should this statute be misused in a fashion that violates an individual’s civil rights.

“The last two years have been spent in preparation for this ruling. Upon signing SB 1070 in 2010, I issued an Executive Order directing the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (AZ POST) to develop and provide training to ensure our officers are prepared to enforce this law efficiently, effectively and in a manner consistent with the Constitution. In recent days, in anticipation of this decision, I issued a new Executive Order asking that this training be made available once again to all of Arizona’s law enforcement officers. I am confident our officers are prepared to carry out this law responsibly and lawfully. Nothing less is acceptable.

“Of course, today’s ruling does not mark the end of our journey. It can be expected that legal challenges to SB 1070 and the State of Arizona will continue. Our critics are already preparing new litigation tactics in response to their loss at the Supreme Court, and undoubtedly will allege inequities in the implementation of the law. As I said two years ago on the day I signed SB 1070 into law, ‘We cannot give them that chance. We must use this new tool wisely, and fight for our safety with the honor Arizona deserves.’”


"While we still want to fully review the Supreme Court's decision, today's ruling appears to validate a key component of Arizona's immigration law, SB 1070. The Arizona law was born out of the state's frustration with the burdens that illegal immigration and continued drug smuggling impose on its schools, hospitals, criminal justice system and fragile desert environment, and an administration that chooses to set enforcement policies based on a political agenda, not the laws as written by Congress. We will continue our efforts on behalf of the citizens of Arizona to secure our southern border. We believe Arizonans are better served when state and federal officials work as partners to protect our citizens rather than as litigants in a courtroom." -- U.S. Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain of Arizona

"Today's decision underscores the need for a President who will lead on this critical issue and work in a bipartisan fashion to pursue a national immigration strategy. President Obama has failed to provide any leadership on immigration. This represents yet another broken promise by this President. I believe that each state has the duty -- and the right -- to secure our borders and preserve the rule of law, particularly when the federal government has failed to meet its responsibilities. As Candidate Obama, he promised to present an immigration plan during his first year in office. But 4 years later, we are still waiting." -- Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney

"I find it unfortunate that the Supreme Court struck down some provisions of S.B. 1070. The federal government has failed spectacularly in its duty to enforce immigration laws, and Arizona's law simply sought to fill the enforcement void left by this failure. I'm glad to see the court uphold the central part of this law however.

"Under this ruling, police will have the opportunity to check the legal status of individuals in the course of enforcing other laws. This is a major victory in Arizona's efforts to give law enforcement new tools to enforce the law where the Obama Administration will not. Until we obtain operational control of our southern border and fully enforce current laws, we can't have a credible, substantive conversation on immigration reform. By enhancing the enforcement of our immigration laws, this ruling puts us on that path." -- Arizona Republican Congressman Ben Quayle

Congressman Gosar’s Statement on U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Arizona Immigration Law S.B. 1070
“Arizona has always been a leader in the fight for state’s rights, and I am confident Arizona will continue this fight moving forward.”
WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar, D.D.S (R-AZ) issued the following statement today regarding the United States Supreme Court’s decision on Arizona v. United States:

Today, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of Arizona’s right to protect its citizens. In Congress, I have been a strong voice for holding this administration accountable for its failure to enforce existing laws. Arizona was forced to take up the fight to secure its borders because the federal government has repeatedly let down our state and its citizens. Our families and communities have suffered greatly because of the blind eye this administration has turned towards this dire situation. The consequences of our unsecure border and lax immigration enforcement include border violence, drug and gun smuggling and increased crime throughout our state. This is why I have always supported the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act (S.B. 1070),” Gosar said.
Congressman Gosar continued, “The Obama Administration was wrong in its decision to sue our state and even more wrong to not enforce existing laws. Arizona has always been a leader in the fight for state’s rights, and I am confident Arizona will continue this fight moving forward.”
The Court studied four portions of S.B.1070, striking down three portions while upholding the key provision which strengthens Arizona law enforcement’s ability to verify the immigration status of someone who is lawfully being detained. Read the full text of the Supreme Court’s Majority Opinion here.
Kirk Adams Speaker of the AZ House on 1070
As the Speaker of the Arizona House, Kirk Adams helped guide SB 1070 through the legislature and defended it in numerous national news outlets after passage. Recently, Adams took part in a forum at the Heritage Foundation on SB 1070, and the state's role in immigration policy.

Of today's ruling, Adams stated,

"The Supreme Court’s decision is a mixed one. Immigration will continue to be a primary responsibility of the federal government but, as this decision confirms, state and local law enforcement have an important role to play. I am hopeful that Congress and the president will work to secure our border and create a functioning legal system that reflects our values of free enterprise and opportunity for all."

Please see below for more background on SB 1070.

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