Monday, June 18, 2012


We have received a large number of phone calls this weekend from many 'prominent' Arizona Republican women who want AZ GOP Spokesman & Sonoran Moron Alliance Blogger SHANE WIKFORS to resign after his blog post bashing women.

Here is what Wikfors said:

Wikfors then proceeded to bash Barbara Espinosa, a fellow blogger and longtime Republican activist and donor in the comments section of the article. Espinosa, who has given $Thousands of donations to the Republican Party (she was the 'Special Guest' of AZ GOP National Committeeman Bruce Ash at the recent RNC convention in Scottsdale)

was called out in this response:

How pathetic of Shane Wikfors to do that! He continued on to blast Kathy Petsus and Laurie Roberts in a later comment:

Here is what the Arizona Republic had to say in their Sunday 'Political Insider' column:

Whine festival ... , Wonder if Shane Wikfors reread his Sonoran Alliance post before hitting the "post" button?

Perhaps the state GOP spokesman was hoping to get national attention for ArizonaRepublic columnist Laurie Roberts and her effort to "dekookify" the Arizona Legislature when he accused Roberts and GOP activist Kathy Petsas of having a "bitch session." Well done, Wikfors!

We were particularly fond of the Politico coverage, where Roberts shrugged off the remark: "I've been called far worse." The three-day Twitter fest was fun, too. (It went something like this: @MarthaPlimpton: "RT @AIsForOrg: & when women speak, it's called a 'bitch session' by a Republican spokesman in Arizona. ... Good ol' AZ.")
Not to mention a Channel 3 (KTVK) quote from Wikfors' boss, state GOP chair Tom Morrissey, that he was "very happy" with the job his spokesman is doing. OK then.

That would be the job of someone who is supposed to be extolling the party's virtues. Someone who is encouraging party membership and, one might reasonably expect, hailing Petsas' effort to bring more GOP voters into the fold as precinct committee members.
But no. By week's end, the beleaguered Wikfors was gamely trying to defend his remark and get the last word: "Keep the hate coming lefties (who don't bother to read)."

Wikfors should have stopped blogging when he accepted the post of Spokesman for the AZ GOP. The damage is done, Wikfors needs to resign immediately. The good thing: in 8 months, Wikfors & the entire band of idiots who run the AZ GOP will be gone! This story has gone national and is just another embarassing moment for the Arizona Republican Party!



Barbara Espinosa said...


The Klute said...

Nice attempt to deflect the controversy TonyGOPrano, and I guess you've answered the question...

You apparently do stand behind Barbara Espinosa using a racial slur to describe the president and are proud that she voted for"the white guy".

Duly noted.

Tony GOPrano said...


I thought you said you would NEVER read PM again?

The article is about Wikfors, nor Barbara Espinosa.

Barbara may have gone too far, but I stand up for my friends Klute.

Notice, we don't do racist Obama things here, don't need to. There are enough issues where Obama has completly screwed up & led this country into disaster.

Guess you like to pick on little old ladies? LOL!

The Klute said...

I read when things tangentially involve me. And of course, this blog shouldn't exist anymore... Remember our bet? But I should know what a Republican promise is worth.

Barbara *may* have gone too far? Was saying she calls him a monkey, that she voted for the white guy, or when she copied the Wikipedia page on monkeys to her blog in her defense not far enough? Does she have to burn a cross or have a picture of herself with JT Ready at an NSM rally for you to say she went to far?

And her age or gender is no shield, no excuse for publishing that garbage. The amount of money she's given to the GOP is no excuse for ANY civilized person to defend her.

"This is where the party ends, I can't stand here listening to you, you and your racist friend." - They Might Be Giants

Tony GOPrano said...

This blog was gone for 2 months you moron after the bet. My readers wanted it back, I came back.

You Obama Ass Kissers think you can always play the race card on us. Good Luck in 2012 you liberal asshole.

Go back to your swamp land Klute. Socialism is dead and your way is DOA!

The Klute said...

The agreement was permanently. You can try to justify it all you want... But facts ate facts.

Race card? So when dear ol' Barbs said she can't be racist because her last name is "Espinosa", what's that if not the very definition of playing the race card?

My way's on the way out? I guess that's why Stanton crushed your buddy Wes Gillett, or Mitchell beat Monti, or Barber beat Kelly. The only reason you guys have any skin in the game at all is because the GOP is the home for aging racists. If you couldn't appeal to the lowest common denominator, all that trickle-down Randian bullshit wouldn't have any appeal at all.