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Back in 2002, then Congressman Matt Salmon wanted to be the Governor of the State of Arizona.  After running one of the worst campaigns for Governor ever seen (Salmon came out of the Primary with NO $$$ & that allowed Janet 'Jack' Napolitano to have an entire month to advertise) and he was defeated!

We can blame Matt Salmon of the 'Total Disaster' that Napolitano was as Governor.

So what does Salmon do next?  He becomes a highly paid Washington Lobbyist! 

From 'The Nation":

Former Congressman Matt Salmon (R-AZ) makes around $247,523 a year as a registered lobbyist. Salmon, who retired from Congress in 2001, has represented corporate clients like General Motors and Grand Canyon University (a for-profit college) through a lobbying firm he founded, Upstream Consulting Inc. (Although his income boost was lower than most of his fellow Members-turned-lobbyists, Salmon does get props for the witty firm name.) Salmon announced his intention to run again for Congress, so Republic Report reviewed mandatory candidate disclosures filed by the candidate. The forms reveal that Salmon also receives consulting fees from Policy Impact Strategic Communicators, another lobbying company, as well as nearly $50,000 a year from a company called Solid Ground Solutions. At Policy Impact Strategic Communications, Salmon represented the Republic of Kazahkstan. Salmon enjoyed a 75 percent salary boost by moving from Congress to K Street.

Salmon also lobbied for  Sun Myung Moon, a Korean man who founded the Unification Church -- home to the merry band of "Moonies" -- and has some damn good political connections in the United States.

But what is really worrying to many voters is his 'conversion' to the 'Russell Pearce Team'!

We guess since Salmon is now lobbying for 'All City Towing' a.k.a. 'Cactus Towing', the company Russell Pearce claims on his application for Public Office that they are his employer, this ties Salmon & Pearce together like 'two peas in a pod'!

Why did Salmon associate himself with the 'Crazies' of the AZ GOP?  Who knows?  Maybe the hair die has gone to his brain?

But what really makes us sick is that Matt Salmon, the 'so-called Conservative', gave $$$ to Democrats

If you or I had done that, the 'Wackos' would call us a RINO!

And this 'tidbit' from the "Western Free Press":

Matt Salmon’s firm, Upstream Consulting, represents government unions, specifically public employee unions in Arizona. These unions endorse Claude Mattox for Mayor of Phoenix. Salmon then endorses Claude Mattox. In turn, Salmon receives money from the unions. In addition, Salmon gets more ammunition against his primary opponents, specifically Kirk Adams.

Why? One reason is the unions hate Kirk Adams for spearheading pension reform in Arizona. Adams’ pension reform was the most ambitious in the country, targeting the public safety unions that Salmon represents. In fact, Arizona is on the union’s target list of states to “fight back” against.

This provides a unique solution for the unions and Matt Salmon. Salmon gets to capitalize on privately raising money from the unions, coordinating attacks on Salmon’s more anti-union primary opponents, while claiming he has nothing to do with the unions. The unions also get a more “friendly” candidate by eliminating old enemies.

While Kirk Adams was trying to pass pension reform and getting government sector spending in control with universities and unions, Matt Salmon was lobbying against these things. During Salmon’s lobbying tenure, he picked battles with the Goldwater Institute over corporate welfare, protected government public safety unions, and fought to protect ASU’s government gravy train.

Matt Salmon is receiving money from other union players. The list includes ex-union boss Billy Shields and union spokesman David Leibowitz.

Once again, why is Salmon endorsing union candidates and receiving union money? Why is Salmon suggesting he is a symbol of “smaller government” when there is no bigger symbol of “Big Government” than public-employee unions and their political candidates? Does Salmon really believe in these union backed candidates and issues or is it just “politics?” Do we want to reward politicians who take on political risks or those who take advantage of them?

This is a big issue that deserves more transparency and answers.

Matt Salmon has been in DC lobbying with his democrat partner who used to work for Napolitiano. Now he is trying to run on his record from 15 years ago. Salmon has since turned to the dark side to try to pull off the switcher by embracing Ban Amnesty now and Russell Pearce.

Matt Salmon appearing on Ban Amnesty Now Radio

Pearce fundraising for Matt Salmon

Arizona doesn't need another lobbyist in Congress!

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