Thursday, November 17, 2011

Matt Salmon - A knife to a gunfight?

Lobbyist and former congressman and state party chair Matt Salmon has taken his pandering to the crazies to a whole new level.

In the absence of a record on immigration, he had decided to kiss the ring of Pearce and Arpaio

Watch this video of him with Tom Morrisey, Tom Tancredo, and Arpaio at Russell Pearce's packed rally last month.(200-300 people in an empty stadium)

Here is a summary of the speech. He gives a shout out to Frank Antenori for his speech about destroying those who oppose Russell Pearce. Then he compares Pearce's recall to WWII, and says that the people of Mesa have awoken the sleeping giant and we need to teach them a lesson.

He tells people who oppose Pearce that they brought a knife to a gunfight. In typical Salmon fashion he tries to evoke tears about how amazing Russell Pearce is because he campaigned guessed it....him!(Narcissist)

Then to finish it off he says Republicans who don't endorse Russell Pearce are "gutless wonders". A not so veiled attack on Kirk Adams for not following the herd.

Then Salmon ends the speech with the line "Let's put on the gloves and see who is standing at the end of the day." Um...Mr. Salmon that would be this guy.

By the way, he won by 12%. Sorry Matt Salmon but you are on the wrong side of history.

Watch the video and ask yourself, "Is this the same Matt Salmon who is the photo radar lobbyist and former big tent state party chair?" I think you will discover that Mr. Salmon is a chameleon and a performer.

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Anonymous said...

I still fail to understand how you can agree to only serve 3 terms, brag about how you kept your promise to only serve 3 terms, then run for a fourth term.

But hey, he's been endorsed by Tom Coburn, a fellow "3-termer" who then... ran for the senate and then ran again.

So, I guess that makes sense.