Tuesday, April 17, 2012


"Indeed, I found quite intriguing recent comments on the conservative Sonoran Alliance blog to a BAN press release authored by Pearce's obtuse mini-me Sean McCaffrey. Many of Pearce and McCaffrey's fellow conservatives think McCaffrey's boycott is imbecilic. They even ridiculed McCaffrey mistakenly labeling BAN's campaign a "buy-cott" instead of the boycott that it actually is." - Stephen Lemons

For the past couple of weeks, many of our loyal readers have been e-mailing us about the LD-25 Senate race between Russell Pearce & Bob Worsley!

We have received so much mail that we thought we should post the 'Top Ten'. Here they are:

10. Russell is such a Bully, just ask his wife!

9. Russell Pearce will have the Neo-Nazi vote, Thanks J.T. Ready!

8. Pearce's 'Ban Amnesty Now' Radio Show (now called the 'Russell Pearce Show') and its' 3 Listeners!

7. Pearce Loves to send e-mails, even ones he claims he never read.

6. Russell did a 'Great Job' @ the AZ DMV, just ask him!

5. When will we see the 'return' of Olivia Cortes? Well CQ?

4. $24K isn't enough to pay back the nearly $40K to the Fiesta Bowl. Ever find those 'receipts' Russell?

3. He called for a boycott of Arizona businesses that advertise with PNT because PNT opposes him politically. (Too bad he lied about Harkins Theaters who is NOT boycotting PNT)

2. He looks more like a tow truck driver than a legislator. The City of Mesa could be better served with Sir Tow Mater Russell Pearce as a hook-up man for All-City Towing (aka Cactus Towing, aka Rush Auto Recyclers). Oh wait, he already works there - at least that's what his 2012 financial disclosure form says.

And the Number 1 Reason That Russell Pearce Should NOT Be Elected:



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