Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mesa Councilmembers Richins, Kavanagh and Somers Endorse Bob Worsley for State Senate

Mesa, Ariz. – Today, Mesa City Councilmembers Dave Richins and Dennis Kavanagh, along with Vice Mayor Scott Somers, announced their endorsements of Bob Worsley, Mesa businessman, SkyMall founder, and Republican candidate for the open state senate seat in District 25.

“Bob Worsley has the right skills at the right time for Arizona. With job creation and economic growth in Mesa and Arizona at the top of my list, I know I will have a partner at the legislature in Mr. Worsley,” said Richins.

“Bob’s leadership style is one of inclusion, not exclusion. He will listen to all viewpoints on policy issues and not just his own. These are characteristics that will make him an effective senator for Mesa and for Arizona,” said Kavanagh.

And Vice Mayor Scott Somers added:
"Bob Worsley will be an excellent senator for Mesa and Arizona. His entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen is exactly what we need at the state capitol. Bob's background will be essential to helping make the Gateway Area of Mesa a hub for high-tech research and job growth."

Bob Worsley added: “We are thrilled to have the endorsement of the mayor and members of the city council. We are the only legislative district that is fully encompassed in the City of Mesa. My candidacy and desire to elevate Mesa's prominence and reputation in the state is a continuation of the great work this city council has already accomplished. With the approval of voters in August, I look forward to the opportunity to work with the full council and the mayor.”

More about Bob Worsley:

Bob Worsley is a conservative Republican businessman running to represent district 25 in the state senate. District 25 covers much of Mesa. Worsley has been an east valley resident for 32 years and has been married to his wife Christi for 35 years. They have 6 children and 16 grandchildren. Worsley has created over 1,000 jobs in Arizona though his numerous business ventures including SkyMall for which he was named 1999 Entrepreneur of the Year.

Worsley will use his business experience to find common sense solutions to the state’s problems, to strengthen our local economy and to create an environment that will lead to job creation. He believes Mesa deserves an elevated image and future. Worsley just released his third web video, “Strong on all the Issues.”

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