Friday, August 05, 2011


We have received a large number of phone calls & e-mails from Elected Republican Precinct Committeeman concerning yesterday's e-mail from MCRC Chairman Rob Haney and his endorsement of Tea Party Candidate Jennifer Wright for Mayor of Phoenix. 

Good News is that Haney's endorsement is the KISS OF DEATH; just ask Senator J.D. Hayworth & Congressman Sam Crump! 

Haney constantly breaks the rules he actually helped set (called the 'Haney Rule', it was adopted by the MCRC to stop endorsements in contested primaries by PC's). 

Haney and his band of 'Rob Zombies' are nothing but HYPOCRITES!  Most of the people 'PIMPIMG' Wright DON"T EVEN LIVE IN PHOENIX!

Here is Haney's e-mail:

----- Original Message -----

From: Rob Haney


Sent: Thursday, August 04, 2011 10:27 AM

Subject: Mayoral Race

Dear political activists:

Many of you have asked Marne and me whom we believe would make the most Constitutional conservative mayor of Phoenix .

Our unequivocal answer is JENNIFER WRIGHT. We met Jennifer when she was the legal advisor in the JD Hayworth for Senate campaign. She was a tireless worker and a real delight to work with. She has the fortitude to stand up against the ruling class and reject going down that McCain road which says we have nothing to fear from an Obama administration.

Jennifer says we do have a great deal to fear from big government, over spending, a huge increasing tax burden and a failure to enforce our immigration laws. Enforcing these laws would protect our citizens by ending Phoenix's sanctuary city policy and provide us with another tool with which to fight the drug cartels that are already well established in our city. Jennifer's policy would be to free business to compete honestly within the law and not be forced to compete at a disadvantage against cheap, illegal alien labor. She would ease the bureaucratic burdens necessary to start and expand a business thus insuring a basis for increasing jobs and opportunities.

Jennifer is about: Fiscal Responsibility, Safety and Security and Jobs and Opportunity.

Miss seeing JD Hayworth? Want to visit with Senator Pearce or Don Goldwater?

Then join us this Sunday Aug 7, 4-7pm, Bluewater Grill, 1720 E Camelback Rd

It is a fund raiser for Jennifer. RSVP Ami at or 602-670-9741.

And visit Jennifers' web site at

Trust me folks, after August 28th you will never hear about this Libertarian again!

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