Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Over the past few days, we have been deluged with e-mails & phone calls from people who worked in the 2010 J.D. Hayworth campaign about wanna-be Tea Party candidate JENNIFER WRIGHT, who announced her run for Mayor of Phoenix last week!

Every single person who contacted us told us the same things:





and the worst thing of all....


We were shocked that so many of the people she worked with in 2010 would say these things.  The fact is, according to the Hayworth staffers, this is ALL TRUE!

Jennifer Wright was hired by the Hayworth Campaign because she had worked for Jason Rose's wife's law  firm, The Rose Law Group.   Those who were involved told us that she admitted that 'she had never worked for a campaign before'.

Wright created havoc in the office; she didn't get along with others.  She brought in her Aunt to work in the office.  This created problems with the rest of the staff.

Jennifer Wright was paid over $ 23,000.00 according to F.E.C. Reports.

Wright often berated other campaign officials, often in the open for others to hear.  Many are saying that Wright was the major reason for Mr. Hayworth's loss.

Are these the actions of a Conservative?  You bet they aren't.  You don't alienate the entire staff of a candidate running for the U.S. Senate. 

Even more serious, Jennifer Wright is THE LEADER of the 'Recall Gov. Jan Brewer' campaign on Facebook!

Recall Governor Jan Brewer

Jennifer Wright - April 29 at 3:58pm Recall Governor Jan Brewer Also the STO bills: HB2577 (STOs, credits, administration) Rep. Justin Olsen...

Recall Governor Jan Brewer

Earlier Messages

Jennifer Wright April 29 at 3:21pm Report

I intend this to primarily be a social media campaign to hold her accountable to Tea Party groups. After looking into the requirements, I highly doubt a recall is feasible, BUT, if the FB page garners enough attention, it WILL make nationwide news. The "Poster Child" governor of the Tea Party facing possible recall efforts for turning her back on Tea Party principles would send shock waves and may alter behavior of elected officials nationwide.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help in anyway you can. We have to draw the line in the sand somewhere. She isn't just vetoing "fringe" bills - she is vetoing sound fiscal policies!

Jennifer Wright April 29 at 3:54pm Report

- Senate Bill 1088: Would have directed Brewer to enter into an Interstate Health Care Freedom Compact with other states. Brewer in her veto letter said she believes such a compact would violate constitutional separation of powers.

- SB 1322: Would have required Phoenix and Tucson to competitively bid city services that cost more than $500,000. Brewer in her veto letter said the bill was "riddled with shortcomings" and micromanages decisions best made at the local level.

- SB 1593: Would have allowed out-of-state companies to write health-insurance policies in Arizona and waived Arizona's 32 insurance mandates, which require insurers to cover a host of treatments and services. Brewer said in her veto letter that part of her opposition was because the mandate change was added at the end of the session without full public hearings and was "not subject to the typical public input that such major policy decisions should receive."

- House Bill 2707: Would have imposed a ceiling on state spending that was determined by the level of spending in the previous year, adjusted for inflation and population growth. In her veto letter, Brewer said she supports creating a spending limit but that this mechanism was too restrictive.

Brewer signs 14 Arizona bills into law, vetoes 4

Brewer signs 14 Arizona bills into law, vetoes 4, Arizona has a new state firearm, can start raising private money to build a fence along the Arizona-Mexico border, will offer tax exemptions on aircraft sold to foreign governments, will give Pinal County $1 million for border enforcement and can est


Jennifer Wright April 29 at 3:55pm Report

These are AFP and GWI sponsored bills.

Jennifer Wright April 29 at 3:58pm Report

Also the STO bills:

HB2577 (STOs, credits, administration) Rep. Justin Olsen

and another... can't find.

Who is behind this 'FAKE CONSERVATIVE'? None other that MCRC Chairman ROB HANEY that's who!

Just ask Senator J.D. Hayworth & Congressman Sam Crump (R - CA Carpetbagger) how much Haney's endorsement really means?

The Tea Party 'FELL' for this crap earlier in 2011! Don't be fooled again Conservatives!

Even Tea Party Members are confused:

GOP Tea Party Front Groups: Poser Jennifer Wright

Jennifer Wright has ZERO experience in politics and any thing political. She wants to be the Mayor of the 6th Largest City in America? All her candidacy does is elect Democrat Greg Stanton. We don't need another Phil Gordon as Mayor. Do YOUR research and Vet this candidate before its too late!


Jennifer Wright Sell Out said...

Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 8:41 AM
Subject: FW: Wright 4 Mayor tagged you in a note on Facebook...


It is with a very heavy heart that I send this link to you. No matter the purported eloquence of Jennifer's statement, I find it a sell out and repudiation. I believe it was written due to pressure from those outside of our ranks and, if so, is a betrayal of the worse kind.


Anonymous said...

Will the Tea Baggers F***Up again?

Anonymous said...

Is there any evidence of what you bring up? What staffers confirmed this? Could it not be staffers who were sour grapes? Look what happened in Gilbert, new refreshing politicans are continuing to sweep into office.

Anonymous said...

And McCain's $25 million smear campaign had nothing to do with JD losing, just a lone staffer. Makes TOTAL sense.

GOPKEITH said...

Is the same blog that supported a candidate who voted for TARP, Amnesty, McCain-Feingold, and opposed tax cuts really credible when is comes to who is a conservative?

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party Movement is not strictly a 'Conservative' movement limited to 'Conservatives'. There are both Libetarians and Conservatives involved in the movement, both of these politicial and social ideological groups share belief in the same foundational principles of the Tea Party Movement: Limited Government, Fiscal Responsiblity, Free Markets. The Tea Party Movement doesn't ostracize or discriminate (we know rag maggers love to label us as discriminatory in any way possible) against anyone who may have social or religious ideologies (or lack of)than millions of American's who identify themselves with the movement, again, based upon the core principles which unite us all. Libetarians share some Conservative principles, and they espouse ALL Tea Party principles. When media rag mags like this fully understand the Tea Party movement, you'll have more credible arguments. As it stands, to insinuate the Tea Party Movement is strictly a 'Conservative' movement just made this rag mag look WAY OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE in the political arena.

As far as the smear campaign regarding Mrs. Wright's involvement in the Hayworth campaign, it's now very publicly apparent a staunch social conservative who supported the Hayworth campaign, is currently supporting another GOP candidate in the Phoenix Mayoral race and feels very threatened by a woman in the race. I find this scenario quite humorous that one of the old geezer's running for Phoenix Mayor feels threatened enough to feel the necessity to smear a candidate who is supported by many AZ Tea Parties. This smear campaign makes this race even more intriguing. I'd like to find out WHO launched it and may do some investigative work to expose this individual and/or candidate. Ahhhh....the power of the keyboards!!!

GOPKEITH said...

The candidate that is very threatened by Jennifer is former Team McCain member Wes Gullett.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Our state Governor (Brewer) isn't a conservative either. She did veto many bills which angered and have alienated many conservatives from her voter base.

If I felt recall efforts would have been worth the time and taxpayer expense, I would've gladly joined the MANY facebook sites urging recall efforts of Governor Brewer. It's much easier just to let her fulfill her last year in office and vote in a replacement.

Oh! I'm sorry! Did this rag mag not know Arizona's Tea Partiers are quite displeased with our Governor? Could this be possible? Tea Partiers upset at a GOP elected official? Say it isn't so??!!! This can't be!!!! The Tea Partiers aren't all GOP?? Tea Partiers abandoned 'their own kind'???

Answers to above questions are: Nope. Yes. Yes. It is quite so! Sorry, it is. Nope. She's not 'our' kind.

Anonymous said...

GOPKEITH: You just saved me a lot of time!! Now the fun begins. Hello Mr. Gullet! Would you like a copy of our 'play book'??? It's called: Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, but you'll need the updated 'Tea Party' version. Say it isn't so?? The Tea Partier are radicals!! I knew it! I knew it!! Yeah, to battle radicals we've had to water down some of the 'plays' from the rule book, but we still use it for reference. You may want to study this booklet, to prepare in advance of our social media onslaught. We'll give Mr. Gullet a running head start. He's going to need it.

Tony GOPrano said...

I love all the 'anonymous' Tea Party folks coming here to 'visit'.

The truth always hurts doesn't it?

Keith Lajole you can try to shoot the messenger, but these folks came to us about this story.

No sour grapes that I am aware of.

ALL the people who came to us said exactly the same thing. Exactly what was posted.

Nice try though!

GOPKEITH said...

Love the irony, anonymous comments on an article about anonymous sources.

Barbara Espinosa said...

The Original Tea Party was a grassroots effort to protest the direction this administration has the country headed. [this is the one I volunteed and marched for]It's un-fortune some groups have strayed far away from the original principals. The Tea Party concept IS NOT a political party nor should it be conscripted as such. Groups put Tea Party in their name to attract participates [you can't call them members as there is no fee to attend meetings].
It was intended to embrace all regardless of political affiliations, economic or ethnic background, and religious beliefs. The beliefs of smaller government, less spending, balanced budget, lower taxes and less government interference in your daily lives. The one common thread was ALL did not approve or like the direction the country is headed under the present administration. Definition of the Tea Party.

Anonymous said...

We need a limited government person for mayor, not a REPUBLICAN FOR JANET like Wes Gullet.

Who cares if she has a libertarian streak? That is what you need in the mayors office to contest unions. Better a libertarian than Rhino McCain and Janet Napolitano booster.

Anonymous said...

Shall we start with politico's support for McCain. Simply stated, no one can logically make the connection of supporting McCain and being a conservative, in the same breath. He is progressive and until the last election, did not even pretend to be concentrative.
As to me... I am conservative. I do understand what limited government means. The mere fact that you outlined Wrights political stance on many subjects and pointed to them saying "Aw ha... see, she is not conservative" just goes to show you either do not know what it means to be conservative or you are not conservative and are trying to make yourself over as a conservative. Although I am not a libertarian, if given a choice I will always choose a libertarian over a progressive.
So by your actions, statements, and apparent views, Wright is closer to being "conservative" than you.

Amy said...

Is anyone going to focus on the real issues like the economy, jobs, budget, or political corruption? Being pro-choice/life, pro-gay/straight marriage shouldn't be our focus in this or any election. Even if you are one of those it shouldn't influence if you are conservitive or republican those are personal values and beliefs that shouldn't even have an agenda in politics right now. Does anyone realize how in the dumps our economy is or that goverment officials are stealing tax dollars from us? You see our teachers are being laid off when we pay food tax to pay their pay checks, it doesn't go to them it goes to the higher up officials and board members. Its Bullshit. I don't know who Wright is yet or if I support her yet but whoever wrote this blog shouldn't even be in politics or be allowed to vote because obviously they don't see what really matters.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the info on Jennifer Wright. I'll be voting for her.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she has the credentials to appeal to a broad range of voters .

What a botched "Hatchet Job"-

Pussy Galore said...

After August 30th you will never hear of Jennifer Wright again!