Monday, April 18, 2011

Some Praise for Tom Morrissey

We're pretty hard on Tom Morrissey around here. That's only because we think he's an ineffective, incompetent and corrupt person, that he's absolutely the wrong man to lead the AZ GOP, and that the best thing he could do for the party would be to resign.

But it's important to take some time out to praise him when he does something right.

Word on the street is that there is now a newly installed paper towel holder at AZ GOP HQ. So kudos to Tom for getting that done.

I mean, there's no American Flag flying over the building, but at least there's a paper towel holder. No word on whether or not the party can afford paper towels to put in the holder.

Stay tuned to Politico Mafioso for up-to-the-minute news on Tom Morrissey's many great accomplishments.


Barbara Espinosa said...

Conservative...You are pretty damn funny..And everyone needs a kudo..Thanks for being open minded..

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs a laugh and a dose of reality,,,Realistically, the lyrics of one of Tom's favorites should capture it all..."Old Man take a look at your life" 4/16/38... still a wanna be at 73!
AZ GOP toliet roll may be the best contribution to date....yet, knowing history and past, wondering if he's not awaiting corn cobs to augment his consistent minimal efforts in claim of 15 minutes fame,,,, Too bad and way too sad for all that have been sucked in to his farce. Go Tom and Lord help all who have fallen by his wayside..... Way too late, it appears time may well be closing in on the truths,,,,, Excuse me Tea Party...