Monday, January 28, 2013

So BRETT MECUM Thinks He is Going to be Appointed Executive Director of the AZ GOP?

We received over 500+ E-Mails, 100+ Text Messages, & large number of phone calls during last Saturday's Arizona Republican Mandatory Meeting!

A large amount of the 'chatter' we received was that our old 'pal' BRETT MECUM was telling anyone who would listen, that he was going to be the NEW Executive Director of the AZ GOP!

Are you kidding me?  With his 'record'?  Let's review some of Mr. Mecum's 'accomplishments':

ARRESTED FOR DRIVING OVER 109 MPH ON THE 101!   He was drug out of GOP party headquarters screaming.

It is bad enough this guy was fired by the Arizona Republican Party, had racy photos of himself getting a simulated blowjob while dressed as Captain America, hit with an allegation that he tried to sell endorsements, and even a public stalking complaint by a woman who found him "creepy."

Mecum is an opportunist that has proven to only be out for his own interests. He will go anywhere to make a quick buck and could care less about the values of the Republican Party. He recently helped Senator Frank Antenori lose an election by a landslide in Tucson, then quickly decided to run for a seat on the Arizona Water Board and came in next to last place.

After being outcast from Republican politics in New York, it is now time for Mecum to move to another state. The name Brett Mecum has become an insult in Arizona. If you say you were "Mecumed" it means to be up a creek without a paddle; to have the whole world in the palm of your hand and blow it.


Does the new 'regeme' need the type of problems Brett Mecum brings to the table?  The easy answer is NO!  I spoke to two of Robert Graham's top campaign people, they both told me that there was NO WAY Brett Mecum would be hired. 

Maybe it's time for Brett Mecum to go back to his old profession?


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