Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Guns and Love - by Katie Kieffer - Townhall.com

Guns, guns, guns. Love, love, love. America needs guns and love.
As humans, we have an inherent right to life. Our right to life (or self-defense) is a natural right and does not come from any document, even the Constitution. The Bill of Rights or the first ten amendments to the Constitution simply acknowledge our natural rights. Specifically, the Second Amendment recognizes our natural right to bear arms for self-defense.

Guns are the reactive, defensive answer to evil in the world. Love is the proactiveanswer to evil. We need both—guns and love.


Good men express themselves through love; love for God; love for themselves; love for others and love for life in general. Life without love is effectively death. Indeed, hateful or mentally ill people commit mass murder because they are bereft of love.

Evil is less powerful than love. Love is real; evil is nothing. Love spreads and consumes like a wildfire. Sometimes it appears that evil is “spreading,” such as when we hear stories like the Newtown tragedy. However, what is actually happening is that people are choosing not to love because they are mentally ill, arrogant or afraid.

As a society, we are all responsible for mass violence. Because in some way or other we all fail to show kindness to one another:

  • We have sex without love and we pay doctors to kill the children that result.

  •  We become parents without love and babysit our children with graphic, violent video games.

  • We get married without committing each day to love one another forever—and our children experience confusion, broken promises and instability.

  • We walk around like zombies in our neighborhood, workplace and grocery store—without showing love in the form of a smile or wave.

Because we are unwilling to face our puerile behavior, we blame all evil in the world on guns. Guns are not the cause of evil or violence; guns are part of the solution. But first, we must love each other.


Because we are imperfect creatures, bad things will happen. And we need tools to protect our lives from evil men. In the past, those tools were clubs, bows and arrows and swords. Today, guns are simply the most efficient tools of self-defense.

Those who wish to control, register and ban guns (think Gabrielle Giffords, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General Eric Holder, and President Obama) make the false assumption that we live in a utopia where new laws will turn criminals into angels; a utopia where signs stating: “No guns on these premises” will scare madmen away from schools. But we simply cannot prevent all evil with laws and signs.

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