Monday, August 20, 2012

Dishonest David Schweikert - From Lies to Insults

As early voting continues, it was a bad week for Dishonest Dave Schweikert.


On Wednesday, the only truly extraordinary event of the campaign unfolded, when both US Senators from Arizona appeared at a news conference to announce their strong support for Ben Quayle -- and announce their disgust at Dave Schweikert’s low and dishonest campaign. This kind of intra-party clarion call is never seen in American politics, but it came to pass in Phoenix, Arizona last week. The career politician with a bad habit of telling lies was jettisoned for the much younger candidate who has excelled in his first term and shown the marks of a genuine leader.

In response, Dave muttered something odd about being “a dishwasher” and shamelessly opted to insult both Senators, telling the Arizona Republic’s Dan Nowicki that they were both part of “The Club.” David didn’t say what “club” he was referring to. Perhaps it was that rather exclusive club of elected officials who tell people the truth and run upright campaigns based on facts and issues. That’s clearly not a club to which Dave will ever merit admission.

Then at week’s end some more bad news arrived for Dave. Governor Mike Huckabee, one of the most respected conservative voices in America, also announced that he was supporting Ben Quayle. This was interesting mainly because Dishonest Dave has been lying to voters for some weeks now about Ben Quayle’s positions on a number of issues such as abortion and the sanctity of marriage as between one man and one woman. And Gov. Huckabee is one of the most articulate and faithful advocates in America for the traditional views on these issues that he and Ben Quayle (and Jon Kyl and John McCain) share.

Dishonest Dave’s reaction to Gov. Huckabee’s endorsement of Ben? Insult him, too.

Dishonest Dave put out a statement calling Mike Huckabee “a liberal.” This is so ridiculous that it hardly merits a response. To support the charge Dave invoked the Club For Growth, but there is only one small problem with that: the Club For Growth also rates Ben Quayle higher than Dave Schweikert in its own scoring for members of Congress!

Dave Schweikert has entangled himself in an increasingly brazen sequence of lies and distortions throughout this campaign, and he is counting on the voters to not notice. But word has begun to spread, and voters are seeing through his campaign of smears and distortions.

Dave has tried to mislead voters into thinking that all of the conservative leaders they respect are supporting Ben because they are all part of the “establishment.” But this is also an absurd claim. If there is a Republican “establishment,” Jon Kyl has spent his entire career to the right of it. John McCain has spent his entire career plucking its beard. Mike Huckabee has been an unwavering voice for faith and social conservatism. And Ben Quayle himself was rated by the National Journal as the No. 1 Most Conservative Member of Congress, far ahead of Dishonest Dave who was back at 66th.

Early voting continues and Election Day is just around the corner. Our polling and voter contact efforts reflect an increasing awareness that Dave Schweikert is just another career politician who will say anything to get elected. Dave’s own conduct in the race -- endlessly smearing Ben Quayle and spinning out obviously falsified polling numbers -- smack of desperation far more than real confidence. The truth is his campaign is collapsing beneath the weight of its own tawdry tactics.

We need every hand on deck for the final push to August 28th. Join this fight for principled and honest leadership for Arizona in the US House.

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