Monday, August 20, 2012

A Letter to the Editor - Supporting BEN QUAYLE for AZ CD-6

Last week,  the Sonoran News featured a Letter to the Editor from John Hoeppner explaining why Ben Quayle's "conservative voting record in Congress and his continuing commitment to our local community is deserving of our support in 2012."

Ben Quayle is right for America, right now

Quayle is our best choice to restore American exceptionalism

“Because of President Obama’s lack of leadership, our national debt has surpassed the size of the American economy.” – Ben Quayle on President Obama’s request to raise debt ceiling

The Great Depression of the 21st Century is how historians will reflect on this period in American history. Despite the rhetoric from the President and his band of propagandists, the American people understand the critical condition of the nation’s economic health.

In America, more than 200,000 small businesses have vanished between 2008 and 2010 taking with them an excess of 3-million jobs. Individuals and small business owners, including those in Cave Creek and Carefree, are being economically crushed while well-connected bankers, insurance companies, green energy scammers, farm lobbyists, and labor unions have been financially bailed-out, lavished with remarkable pension benefits, profit guaranteeing farm subsidies, grants, job security and undeserved bonuses.

Although President George W. Bush’s last two years in office were disappointing, President Barack Obama’s tenure in office should be declared a national disaster. Without leaders such as Ben Quayle in the U.S. House of Representatives, the President and his majority in the U.S. Senate (and apparently in the Supreme Court) would have been the legislative equivalent to the undisciplined and out-of-control behavior of young Kevin McCallister in Home Alone.

Cave Creek, Carefree and the far north valley have long been considered nonessential to the bureaucrats vested in power acquisition through redistricting or gerrymandering. Last year the Democrat controlled redistricting committee double-crossed both Congressman Quayle and citizens of Cave Creek and Carefree. Cave Creek and Carefree were legislatively kicked to the curb and flung into the far-reaches of the Prescott based district. To add insult to injury the Committee then separated Congressman Quayle from his current constituents in the North Valley. The Redistricting Committee crayoned a line less than 100-feet from Quayle’s home to force him out of Cave Creek and Carefree into a South Phoenix district. 

I first met Ben Quayle in 2010, co-hosting a neighborhood gathering with my wife, Cheri, along with Dave and Shelly Merritt in Carefree. The guest list included Sonoran News Publisher Don and Shari Jo Sorchych, renowned author on firearms law Alan Korwin and his daughter Tyler, Brett Hoeppner, a national shooting sports champion, and Rachel Anderson, an avid big-game hunter and sport shooter. After an extensive grilling on the Second Amendment by Don Sorchych and Alan Korwin, we were convinced that Ben Quayle was not only a committed fiscal conservative, he was also an advocate and guardian of our Constitutional rights and liberty.

Recently, we hosted another Cave Creek and Carefree get-together for Ben Quayle. Again, we were satisfied that the Congressman we voted for had kept his 2010 promises. Quayle’s conservative voting record in Congress and his continuing commitment to our local community is deserving of our support in 2012.

Ben Quayle said, “Barack Obama is the worst President in American history.” Based on President Obama’s failure to revive the economy, I agree. A vote for Ben Quayle is a vote for Cave Creek, Carefree and America.

John Hoeppner

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