Monday, August 20, 2012

BOB WORSLEY for LD-25 Senate - We're Almost There!

Friends, family & supporters -
Approximately five months ago Christi and I began this journey to seek the Republican nomination for the State Senate in Mesa's legislative district 25. Here we are now with less than two weeks before election day, and I can't tell you how much we've enjoyed getting to know every single one of you and meeting with the voters and business owners who call Mesa "home."
The campaign continues to move forward at full steam. Christi and I are attending several meet and greets in the evenings and we want to thank all of the generous families who have opened their homes. We're spending our free time working alongside the dedicated members of Team Worsley contacting Undecided voters nightly. The results have been fantastic. In fact, recent polling has shown us up with a double-digit lead on our opponent. But as you know, now is not the time to stop and we must lean into the tape and push hard in these final days.
  • Have you mailed your Early Ballot back to the County Recorder? If not, please do so today.
  • Have you spoken to your neighbors about the LD25 senate race? Please consider talking to a neighbor or a friend about this race and ask them who they are voting for. Remind them of what is at stake in this election.
  • Have you made sure your family has voted or that they will be voting in this race? Every vote is critical, and if you have voting age children in your home, please make sure they go vote on August 28th. If they are away at college but are still registered at your address, the last day to request a mail-in ballot is today, Friday, August 17th. Anyone can request an Early Ballot online by visiting this link.
Finally, we'd like you to consider joining our family on election night at our home in Mesa to watch the election results live. If you would like to join us for our election night results viewing event, please respond to this email and we'd be happy to get back to you with additional details.
Important Election Dates:
  • Friday, August 24th Last day to return early ballot in mail
  • Tuesday, August 28th – Primary Election Day
Important Election Links:
  • Click here for information on voting early in-person.
  • Click here to find your Election Day polling location.
Thank you all for your continued support,
~ Bob & Christi
Click on the image to watch Scott Smith discuss why he's supporting Bob Worsley for State Senate
"I'm Mesa Mayor Scott Smith. Arizona is at a crossroads. We have real problems that require practical solutions to grow our economy, improve education, and maintain our quality of life.
That's why Arizona needs leaders like Bob Worsley."
Mesa supports Bob Worsley!
"Bob Worsley is a good man who has agreed to run for the state Senate from new District 25. We have met him, talked to him, questioned him and are impressed with his vision, his values and his abilities. He is a businessman, not a career government employee or longtime politician."
Sen. Jon Kyl Has Endorsed Bob Worsley for State Senate
"Bob Worsley is a solid conservative with good ideas and business world experience. He's exactly the type of candidate Arizona needs. I have no doubt he will focus on the issues that matter most to Arizonans to help move our state forward."
Every Donation and Any Dollar Amount is Appreciated!
The support from the district has been overwhelming. To date, we have raised over $50,000 from generous supporters, mostly from voters within the district. You have helped us stay on TV, send several direct mail pieces, distribute nearly 2,000 yard signs, install 250 road signs, and lead one of the most effective voter ID ground efforts Mesa has ever seen! If you haven't already donated, please consider a small dollar donation today.

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