Thursday, June 07, 2012


HJS COMMENTS: After the election of 2008, but before the inauguration, Politico Mafioso in these pages printed the following observation concerning President George W. Bush's leaving as American President. I thought twice about "THE SOUNDS OF SAVAGES LOOSE IN OUR STREETS", and could not figure out why the feeling was so strong to keep it; after all, who could have predicted the "Occupy" tantrum in this country? hjs

                                                             The great lion

There is a lion at large in the Middle East;

The lion is the american president.

The Europeans have heard his roar

And it frightens them; his power and presence

They do not understand--his dedication to

World peace and his fight to secure and

Preserve it, are lost on them; they have forgotten

That peace is won and held, not given. they are a people

Who will not fight to preserve anything--nothing

To them is worth fighting for. A sad state of affairs.

The savages and the sadists have felt the strength of his claws and his terrible bite; those who once owned the night

Now own nothing and are strangers and enemies in their

Own villages. The people have taken strength by knowing

The lion is among them and are no longer afraid. Only the

Savages now are afraid--of the people!

But the lion’s time is almost up and everyone waits.

What will america do? Will it send another lion?

Or will the great nation become the laughing stock of fools

When the great, earth-shattering roar is no longer heard

And the new sound is that of a rabbit chased by the jackals

Of germany and Russia and the sounds of savages loose

In our streets.


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