Friday, April 20, 2012

BEN QUAYLE - Obama's Agencies

Dear Friends,

President Obama has done more than team up with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to pass horrible legislation. He has also unleashed agencies under his control to launch a regulatory onslaught against small businesses, doctors, farmers and sportsmen.

One of the most aggressive and harmful agencies is the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The NLRB has destroyed jobs and kept companies like Boeing from opening new production facilities--in the name of helping workers! Last year, it overstepped its role by ordering all businesses to post notices regarding union formation.

Since I knew the NLRB had no authority to make this rule, I fought back. I proposed HR 2833 in the Congress which reverses this posting requirement, and I signed onto an amicus brief in a lawsuit seeking to overturn the rule. Last week, a federal judge agreed with me and ordered the posting rule reversed.

This wasn't the first time I've fought back against Obama's regulatory onslaught, and it won't be the last. Being a conservative leader involves much more than saying the right things. I believe it's much more important to do the right things. With your
support, I will continue fighting the Obama Administration's regulatory and legislative onslaught.

Ben Quayle

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"I love this country so I pay close attention to how we’re being represented in Washington. To date, Congressman Ben Quayle has supported 27 jobs bills that are stalled in the Democrat controlled Senate. He’s keeping the heat on Attorney General Eric Holder to get to the bottom of the “Fast & Furious” scandal and he continues to fight for our conservative values. We need to keep Congressman Quayle in the House and we all need to work hard to take back the Senate and the White House in November!"
-Danny in Phoenix

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