Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Another Day Another Revised FEC Report For the AZGOP

I guess we now know what AZGOP Treasurer Tim Lee does.

He doesn't do bookkeeping. That's outsourced. (Link to "AZGOP Still On the Wrong Track Financially, Democrats Kicking our Asses") He doesn't accurately fill out paperwork. (Link to "AZGOP Magician Makes $25K in Debt Disappear")

He must be the guy that proofreads the AZGOP advertising.

Or that's what I gather, anyway, since his "explanation" to the FEC in response to their letter regarding financial irregularities with AZGOP FEC reports had more than a few typos.

Oh well. If you're not going to get the reporting right, why bother proofreading the explanation?

On Wednesday 6/1/11, the AZGOP amended the year end report filed in January 2011 for the end of 2010.

The FEC had noticed two problems with the previous year end report Lee filed.

1. Schedule D supporting Line 10 discloses -$7,000 incurred in debt owed to"Strategic Fundraising, Inc." If this transaction represents a payment on a debt owed by your committee, please disclose this payment(s) on Schedule B, E, or H4 and reflect this amount in the "Payment this Period" field on Schedule D. This would clarify for the public record the total amount of debt payments actually disbursed and the amount of debts actually owed by your committee. Please amend your report to clarify the nature of this transaction and properly disclose this activity. 2 U.S.C. §434(b)(5)(D)
Lee responded:
In reference to the Commissions letter dated April 27, 2011. The -$7,000 incurred debt owed byt the Committee was a disputed amount which the vendor agreed to write off as not owed.
The FEC also wanted clarification on $47,000 of transfers that didn't seem to add up. Lee left this issue unaddressed. Perhaps there is another poorly worded explanation coming. Who knows.

Either way it's just business as usual for the AZGOP.

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