Tuesday, June 07, 2011

AZGOP Magician Makes $25K in Debt Disappear

A few months ago the AZGOP paid $2,550 to a company called Magic Crafters. The memo line says the payment was for "entertainment", but I think it was to impart on the AZ GOP Treasurer the magical ability to make debt disappear.

Last month we reported on the AZGOP's crushing debt load.

A few days ago, the April report was amended, with the note:

Please note the amendment to Schedule D. Non federal debts were inadvertently included on the original Schedule D.

The amendment brings the debt load for April down to $48,467.36.

Note that the amendment doesn't say that the debts are not owed, just that they are not "federal" debts.

Like most developments inside the AZGOP, this development raises more questions than answers.

For instance, does the AZGOP still owe the $20,000 to the law firms that it listed last month? If so, for what? If not, why not? Why did Treasurer Timothy Lee make a $25,000 mistake? Are $25,000 mistakes acceptable to the Republicans in Arizona?

I'm sure you have questions of your own. But the big question is whether or not you'll demand answers from your elected officials.

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