Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tom Morrissey's Alternate Reality (Link Fixed)

Update: WFP moved their video.  We've fixed the link.

Multiple people sent over this surreal video interview with Tom Morrissey.

I'm really at a loss for words.  The guy is living in a dream world.

The video starts with the interviewer making the understatement of the century, mentioning that there has been "a little bit of infighting" within the AZ GOP ranks and asking Tom what his plan is to "bring everyone together."

No concrete plan is forthcoming in his answer, but he does make the case for a recall of Tom Morrissey pretty well:
"This is precious time, we need every second (we have a lot of catching up to do)"
Later, he makes an even stronger case for his own removal:
"We need excellence, we need leadership, and we need competence and we need integrity."
Couldn't have said it better myself, Tom.

As for the dream world, check out Tom's assessment of the state of the AZGOP:
The direction I've chosen to take the party in is to be more business like, rather than a government model a business model, and that gives us more tools, it gives us flexibility, it gives us greater transparancy and it gives us the ability to change quickly.
And we're using modern technology, we're using all the social networking and then some, trying to stay ahead of the curve, so we can get our message out completely, we can get it out clearly, and we can be effective in delivering it.

It seems that Tom Morrissey, a career government employee, will somehow be implementing a "business like" approach based on his 35 years of experience never working for a business.

That's OK though, because he has Mark Spinks there providing him expert advice on how to run bankrupt a business.

As for the piece on "modern technology"...

Despite making a splash hiring a new Communications Director with no experience using a company owned by a Democrat as the conduit, the state of AZGOP communications is exactly where it was last time we reviewed it.

  • They did roll out a flashy new menu on the AZGOP website, but the content is exactly the same outdated useless content that was on the site before.  As our President famously said, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.  And while that new menu is really neat-o, I am definitely still hearing oinking.
  • The AZGOP Twitter account hasn't been updated since April 4.
  • There is still no way to sign up for an AZGOP email list on the website.
  • At first glance the AZGOP Facebook account looks a tad bit more active, but that's only because they allow other users to post on their wall.  If you look for the info coming from GOP HQ, it's decidedly less active.  They only have one page (Paul Gosar) in their "likes", and they have a whopping 1400 fans. (Out of a few million registered Republicans.)  The Dems, for comparison, have over 5000 fans, and they "like" most of their elected officials at every level (plus MSNBC!).
  • Things are even worse over at the AZGOP shadow Facebook account, which has only garnered 30 fans.
So once you exclude a website, facebook, twitter and email, I'm not really sure how Tom Morrissey can claim that they are using "all the social networking and then some."

In his defense, he is a septuagenarian, so this new fangled social media stuff can be pretty complicated when you still haven't mastered email.  I do hear that they are working on a messenger pigeon pilot program, which sounds promising.

Special Bonus:
See if you can spot the typo on the new AZGOP website!


Anonymous said...

Aren't there 2 grammatical errors in the website logo?

TheOnlyTrueConservative said...

I only spot the one- the missing word. But now I've been staring at it too long to notice if there's another!

Anonymous said...

yes there are and missing word.

Anonymous said...

OM Gosh.. No wonder why Tom (or whomever in his camp) has pulled the video) "We need integrity" (DUH!!! RESIGN TOM ) "My wife (#5) and I are dedicated constitutional conservatives".... (P{eeze expand.. ) "Listen to Paul Ryan and understand no room for compromise" ,,,,,
People take time to look at Tom's life and actions and correlate his 'talk vs walk' in total contrast to ' seemingly sincere stances of Paul Ryan... Mortgage foreclosure, prosecution and sentencing of juvenile's, gun control, health care, homeland security, CAFE standards alternate fuels........People DO YOUR HOMEWORK and take a firm stand against Tom Morrissey. Sad state of affairs! IN the end the truth shall prevail... however, till then if folks don't bother to investigate and familiarize themselves with facts easily available.... then you must own the fall of our country. Ignorance is no excuse when the truths are right there in black/white. Ask the right, daring, questions and challenge 'talk vs walk' with your 'leaders' or accept ownership in the continuing decline of our country....

Paula Pennypacker said...

I see three typos. The missing word, re-election and I believe there should be no ' in it's.