Tuesday, April 19, 2011

District 20 Chair: When I Said Building Year What I Meant Was That We'd Have Fewer Meetings And Non-Stop Elections And When I Said I Would Communicate More I Was Lying

When we last heard from District 20 Republican Chair Jeni White, she was telling us all about how Pantsless Mark Spinks is like, totally dreamy and smart and stuff, and how 2011 is a "building year" for her district.

Apparently "building year" is a euphemism for "having fewer meetings" since that seems to be the crux of the district's new plan. 

 My District 20 sources tell me that at the most recent meeting, Ms. White let everyone know that the district wouldn't be meeting monthly, as they have been for the past few years.  Instead they will move to more infrequent meetings, perhaps every other month, I guess in an attempt at "building".

The District 20 Democrats, on the other hand, are keeping up their monthly meeting schedule.  Maybe they don't have quite as much building to do.

I'd guess the real reason that the district is scaling down the meeting schedule is that they can't afford to pay the rental fee at their meeting space.  That's OK, though.  If the trend in meeting attendance continues, soon they'll be able to meet at Jeni's kitchen table.

One thing that the district seems to have the money for, however, is to hold more elections.  It appears that the geniuses in the district have caved to Bill Baxter's ego, or Rob Haney's desires to remote control the district. (Take your pick.)

So, District 20 is on to their fourth election since December.  It's OK, though.  It's not like holding elections is expensive or distracting, right?

Oh, and if you're looking for information about District 20's activities, you'll have to find out from an insider.

Despite Chairman White's commitment to
"polydirectional communication" during her election, and her citing of lack of communication as the root cause of all of the district's ills, the district has not posted the results of any of the last few elections online, has not even sent out an email with last week's election results, and don't have their scaled-down meeting schedule posted on their website.

I'm guessing that's because Jeni is too busy helping Mark Spinks with his latest soon-to-be-bankrupt business, because she's incompetent, or because she's a liar.

Again, take your pick.

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Sun Devil Bat Boy said...

LD 20 District Chair JENI WHITE looks like she's been spending more time at the Lady Sun Devil's softball games than getting out the GOP vote.

Is she married? To a man?