Friday, January 04, 2013

Something to Consider with Bruce Ash - A Look Back at 2012


AZ Republican National Committeeman BRUCE ASH and his latest commentary, "A Look Back at 2012'!

"As we look ahead to 2013 it's appropriate to look back at notable Americans who left the scene and created an indelible impression on our society.......

Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride immediately come to mind.

WWII bomber pilot & Senator George McGovern as well as Medal of Honor awardee Senator Daniel Inouye served America with distinction.

Arthur Sulzberger publisher of The New York Times--I hardly ever agreed with him . Cosmopolitan's Helen Gurley Brown and author/critic Gore Vidal.

Confrontative journalist CBS newsman Mike Wallace and pugnacious new media journalist Andrew Breitbart.

Slain Ambassador Christopher Stevens.......his death cries out for justice

Devilish Dallas star Larry Hagman.........Academy Award winner Ernest Borgnine and lovable "Sheriff" Andy Griffith

Marvin Miller who changed baseball forever and maybe not for the better

Nicholas Katzenback who stared down 60's racism and helped end Jim Crow.

Jazz great Dave Brubeck ( Take Five )......Moon River crooner Andy Williams.......and musician Marvin Hamlisch

Robert Bork. Can you imagine what a different country we might live in today had he been confirmed to The Supreme Court?

And finally all of the defenseless souls in America killed in brutal acts of violence this year..........HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!"

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