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It's that time of year again! Time for our 2013 Predictions! Here is what some of our bloggers think will dominate the scene in 2013:

HJS Predictions

Yep, It’s Him

One party keeps a-building

As the other sneers and snickers;

Sports becoming less important

As the light of freedom flickers.

Many quietly turn to faith

As the only hope of Yanks;

While the foolish keep a-voting

As their way of saying thanks.

But the bubble suddenly bursts;

As some one begins to talk

And we see the walk of perps-

Yes that walk with body bent,

May include one young post turtle;

Is it really our...

Tea parties will continue to lose credibility as they venture far from original premise - limited government, low taxes and spending - into areas requiring specialized knowledge and longterm focus such as education and energy.

Entrepreneurship will soar among both new college graduates, for whom good jobs are scarce, and baby boomers who can't make ends meet in a 2% world. This will be good for AZ.

Thought leaders will moderate on illegal immigration. Boomers are tired of the angry race-tinged rhetoric, and Millennials won't tolerate it.

Iron Fist's Predictions for 2013
1. Russell and Lester Pearce take their three-ring Constitutional Conservative Circus on the road. At each stop along the John Birch Society Highway, the brothers offer can’t miss break-out sessions like:
  • “Community Building: If you have hate in your heart, let it out”
  • “Anchor Babies, Entitlements and Obamacare: Secede rhymes with succeed”
  • “The Truth about Rape: God’s intention, medical realities and the innocent male victims”
  • “Why the South Really Won: Celebrate150 years of fighting for what’s right”
  • “Eliminating Election Fraud: An intimate Q&A session with Russell Pearce, Lester Pearce, Rob Haney and Constantin Querard”
2. Bob Worsley will become a household name in Arizona.
3. It will be cool & hip to be a RINO. 
4. Leave it to Beaver, Marcus Welby M.D and Mayberry RFD will still be featured in cable reruns but not in the RNC, AZGOP or MCRC platforms.
5. Robert Graham will quietly take some folks to the woodshed after the pizza parties and GOP elections are over.
6. Carmona, Sharmona. In a PSA, he’ll cop The Knack’s song “My Sharona”, make it “My Carmona” and have school kids singing his name as they wash their hands & play air-guitar to prevent hepatitis.
7. The one and only TruGOP will slowly. Go. Away. Amen.
8. Phil Mason will find his AZGOP HQ office chair on Craigslist: $200 well-worn leather clad sofa bed pull-out, Biltmore area, must pick-up today!
9. Andy Biggs will find his days as AZ Senate President long and hard without his favorite lady in red. Oh. His days were already long and hard WITH the lady in red? Well, work just won’t be as fun for Andy this year.
10. Lori Klein will start a new tequila tasting bar on Whiskey Row as it rises from the ashes.
Tyler's 2013 Predictions
1. After losing his second senate race in a row, Russell Pearce runs for Dog Catcher, vowing to round up and put to sleep all unvaccinated or unregistered Chihuahuas. Traditional Republicans from LD25 bring in yet another millionaire business mogul out of retirement to defeat him. Pearce blames his loss on communists and open border-collies.

2. The whole fiscal cliff thing turns into a fiasco where the Democrats find a way to tax greedy, evil, rich people even more AND raise spending. They don’t do a thing to reduce the budget deficit or debt. Revenues don’t increase much, because people find ways around it. The economy stagnates. Obama blames it all on Bush.

3. Democrats indulge their gun-banning fantasies with a stricter ban of scary-looking guns than what passed in 1994. It makes absolutely no measurable difference in crime rates or severity, but it does make the NRA mad, and millions pour into close races across the country and Republicans take the Senate and House again in 2014 (see 2014 predictions).

4. The Illegal Immigration problem gets focus and eventually solved. Unfortunately, Democrats get the credit in the public’s mind, since Obama is president, and Latino voters reward them by registering Democrat in greater numbers. Locally we can thank some of our prominent politicians who are national spokespersons on the issue, and who have blocked reasonable solutions in the past when Bush tried to solve the problem.

5. Going out on a limb: There will be some conflict in the Middle East or something. It doesn’t get solved this year.

6. This isn’t a prediction, but let it be known: The phrase is “I couldn’t care less,” not, “I could care less.” Just saying.

7. Diamondbacks get a little better. Cardinals can’t get worse. Suns sputter along. ASU football has a winning season, beats UofA again, and wins their bowl game.
Tony GOPrano:
1. Barack 'Insane' (rhymes with Hussein) Obama will continue to

lead the American economy into the toilet with his outrageous

spending habits. His luck will start to run out near the end of 2013 as Americans finally wake up and realize they are mortgaging the future of their kids & grandkids.

2. Unemployment will rise in 2013! By the end of the year, I think the national unemployment rate will be back at 10%! With Obama's huge tax increases on employers, who in their right mind is going to hire new employees?

3. Republicans Start to Rebound! As the morons who voted for

Obama start to realize they made a huge mistake, a new

brand of Republican starts to show. Led by Gov. Jeb Bush &

Sen. Marco Rubio, the Republicans start to fight back against

Obama & the Liberal Democrats. Look for 2014 to be a big year

for Republicans!

4. In AZ politics, look for new State Senator BOB WORSLEY to play a huge part in what happens down at the Legislature! He will

introduce a plan for Immigration Reform that uses common sense

and can make the changes needed. He will also help create new

businesses & jobs in AZ by helping entrpernueuers explore new

ways to do business and increase sales & employment!


Look for Coach Todd Graham's ASU Sun Devils to be a top ranked team in 2013! They will win the PAC-12 Championship & play in the Rose Bowl, if not a BCS game. The Arizona Diamondbacks will contend in the NL West because of deep pitching. Look for them to snag a Wild Card birth. The AZ Cardinals will improve dramatically with a new head coach & GM. If they can get a decent QB in Free Agency, they will contend in the NFC West. The Phoenix Suns are light years away from improving. Sell the team Robert Sarver if you aren't going to put a competitive team on the floor!

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