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Former AZ State Legislator JONATHAN PATON is running for Congress in AZ CD-1! Paton is an Iraq War Veteran who has fought to defend our Country. Jonathan Paton has an interesting bio:

"As a lifelong and native Arizonan, I learned the value of hard work from my mom and dad – and a simple truth: Leaders are not kings, leaders are servants.
My mom knew this well. She moved to Tuba City as a young woman and worked her way through Grand Canyon College scrubbing bathroom floors and taking care of other people’s children. She spent her life teaching kids in school and raising her children in faith.

Following her example, servant leadership is at the heart of everything I do.

Growing up, we didn’t always have a lot, but we always had love and faith in our home. My mother was a missionary, and my dad was a choir director before working as a chemist in the mining industry. Together, they taught me through their own example that if you worked hard in America, you could achieve anything.

They pushed me every step of the way, and eventually I worked my way through college as a roofer and a dishwasher, graduating summa cum laude and with honors from the University of Arizona. I’ve been lucky to have successful careers in commercial real estate and public relations, but I’m most proud of having the chance to serve the country I love in uniform. In 1999, I enlisted in the United States Army Reserve. And in 2000, I was honored to be named “Soldier of the Year” for my battalion, brigade, and eventually for the entire 104th Division.

After serving for two years as a Representative in the state Legislature, I felt called to serve my country in the darkest days of the war. So I voluntarily enlisted to serve in Iraq on the front lines as an operations officer in an intelligence unit. The experience changed my life. While IEDs exploded and guns were fired on a nearly daily basis, the time in combat offered me a new perspective on my service here at home. It made me focus on what was really important in my life, and I came home determined to continue fighting for America and our Constitution every day.

I am a constitutional conservative who believes in lower taxes, less spending, small government and a secure border. As a state Representative and Senator, I wrote the nation’s first human smuggling law and voted for what, at the time, amounted to the largest reduction in government spending in Arizona history.

I’m running for Congress because Arizona needs a voice for fiscal responsibility and American energy production. We need to create jobs and repeal Obamacare.

But most of all, we need someone who will fight everyday for our Arizona values of hard work and independence.

Back here at home, my fiancé Angie and I are looking forward to keeping ourselves firmly rooted in Arizona and starting our own family – and instilling in our children the same values that our parents made sure we’d never forget.

We want the next generation to grow up in a country as safe and prosperous as the one we have enjoyed."

For those of you who live in AZ CD-1 we highly recommend that you vote for JONATHAN PATON FOR CONGRESS!

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