Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Jeff Flake Victory Party on Election Night!

Please join us on Tuesday, November 6th at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix for the official FreedomWorks for America Victory Party on behalf of Jeff Flake. This incredible event will be FREE of charge. All you have to do is bring yourself and your enthusiasm for liberty.

Several other conservative campaigns will be celebrating at the Hyatt Regency, as we spend the night cheering for Jeff Flake to pull off a big win!

Tuesday, November 6th at 7:00 PM
Hyatt Regency Phoenix
122 North 2nd Street, Suite 324
Phoenix, AZ 85004
FreedomWorks for America has arranged for its own suite at the hotel. In addition, food and beverages will be provided on the 3rd floor courtyard. And once again, all of the festivities will be completely free.

If possible, please RSVP to FreedomWorksAZ@gmail.com to ensure that we buy enough food for all of our amazing supporters and volunteers.

We are so grateful for your loyal support during this grueling campaign season. Make sure to join us on Election Night so we can thank you in person – and so we can celebrate the sweet taste of victory together!

For Freedom,
Russ Walker
National Political Director, FreedomWorks for America

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